Shen Yue’s Company Denies Dating Rumors

Shen Yue Denies Dating Rumors

It’s Sunday afternoon in certain parts of the world and the Chinese entertainment industry decided to give everyone a heart attack when media outlets first reported speculations that actress, Shen Yue (沈月), was dating someone. Paparazzi had filmed her with a bunch of friends at a gathering. The initial news reports claim Shen Yue was getting chummy with a male dressed in the black t-shirt and wears glasses.

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It’s reported Shen Yue and her friends were waiting for a table and that she was standing next to “glasses guy” during the whole time. She was also seen talking to her good friends. After the meal was over, the paparazzi claims Shen Yue and the “glasses guy” returned to her home together.

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On these rumors, Shen Yue’s staff member immediately denied them. The staff member said, “Really not a romance. This was earlier before in Beijing. There is no romance. She is filming “Count Your Lucky Stars” (交换吧! 运气). Shen Yue and the company’s staff members were having a gathering. Two people are actors from the company, the other two people are her friends. The one wearing glasses is our company’s artist.” As for the dating rumors, she said, “Returning to the residence together is a bit exaggerated. It’s kind of funny.”

Credit: Weibo (1, 2, 3), iFeng

7 thoughts on “Shen Yue’s Company Denies Dating Rumors

  1. Why did The paparazi had no respect at all?
    Can’t they just let other be?
    I know that they are an artist and all but, let them have their privacy

    Imagined if you were an idol and you’re planning to go out with your friends
    Would you feel comfortable?
    When you knew there’s eyes everywhere waiting for you to make mistakes
    Even a small mistakes

    It’s like you don’t have any heart
    The paparazis know that if they post something bad about the idols, the idols will get some bad issues that can make their career go down fall

    But what about the paparazis?
    They don’t feel how it’s really like to be in others shoes

    Be suffering about those hateful comments

    Let shen yue be. She has her own life
    It’s her own choice to make decision and have some respect

    Everyone need some respect

    And if you can’t respect people then you shouldn’t be respected by people around you

    You should be hated(sorry about that, but it’s the truth)

    But what i could say? People perspective always change

    And i hope that in the future the paparazis will be a better person

    Better in taking care of other feelings

    Better in taking care of their career

    And one more thing

    You should investigate more paparazis

    Shen yue maybe is dating dylan wang

    Can’t you see their chemisty


    -Dyshen shipper

  2. Dyshen Shipper was so stupid! She officially dating someone else why dd always include at their imagination?

    Oh please she was dating liang jingkang before and then also an old producer how can she dating dd ?

    What a stupid mindset !

    1. U need to chill tf out! I said i was j/k so y r u so butthurt?!

      I ship DyShen as an onscreen couple bc I like their chemistry. I don’t care who they date as long as they’re happy…and it’s none of my business.

      There is really no need to be so overdramatic!

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