Jacquelin Ch’ng Has Finally Found Her “Mr. Right”

Jacquelin Ch'ng Has Finally Found Her "Mr. Right"

Actress, Jacquelin Ch’ng (莊思敏), has finally found her “Mr. Right”. It’s said that she has been single for some time now. She has let it known publicly that she wants to date. Oriental Daily News had once snapped her eating with a guy in a suit, but she later clarified they were just friends. The 39 year old actress once said she even considered finding a sperm bank, but today, she uploaded a picture with her beau on Instagram with the caption: “The right one bump up in the right time.” Many celebrities left comments congratulating her, proving how long it’s been since she had a boyfriend.

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Jacquelin Ch’ng spoke to Apple Daily HK and said, “Yes, he is Taiwanese. We only dated for a few months. We were introduced by friends.” She revealed his name is Brian, older than her by a year, and does business in Taiwan. When asked if she would do a flash marriage, she said, “I am not in a rush.” Even though Brian is a year older than Jacquelin Ch’ng, she revealed many people have thought he was younger than her.

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The 39 year old Malaysian datuk millionaire heiress has been “dry” for a very long time. Her most public relationship was with singer, Deep Ng. The two broke up in 2011 after dating for 5 years. When she returned to Malaysia to celebrate the Lunar New Year this year, she revealed her mother was anxious for her now that younger sister, Lisa Ch’ng was in a steady relationship. She said her mother was constantly introducing men for her to meet. It’s about time Jacquelin Ch’ng found her “Mr. Right” after being “dry” for 8 years.

Credit: Apple Daily HK, hk.on.cc, Jacquelin Ch’ng IG