Li Xian is Fed Up with His Sasaeng Fans

Li Xian is Fed Up with His Sasaeng Fans

Ever since Li Xian (李现) became the “July Boyfriend”, his popularity skyrocketed through the roof. He started getting his own sasaeng fans, following him everywhere he goes, squatting at his place of work or hotel, just to get a glimpse of him. Li Xian had previously mentioned in an interview that sasaeng and paparazzi behavior have seriously disrupted his lifestyle. He had encouraged them to rationally chase after stars.

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Something happened today that triggered Li Xian to vent about it late at night on Weibo. In his post, he wrote:

“Starting from when I went to work out today, I was surrounded by people squatting around to leaving the gym and was filmed all the way to downstairs of my home, in addition to the recent series of sasaeng incidents, I think it’s time for me to stand out and express my thoughts and attitude: As an actor, I hope I can have even more time, to integrate into society, to observe this world. But now, my cellphone number, Wechat account have been leaked. Once I leave the door from my home, I am already followed. Information about non-disclosed photoshoots were also leaked and sold. Being blocked in, secretly filmed, don’t even mention chasing after cars, chasing after flights, blocking hotel doors, renting the hotel room next to mine and all these actions, and even not letting you see my face and I still get yelled at. What I must say is that, all the aforementioned actions that have invaded my privacy has brought me great disturbance and burden.

Li Xian Yelled at by Sasaeng Fans

My fans and I do not condone any behavior that interferes with public order and affects public safety. I am very grateful to everyone for your attention and recognition. I will continue to work hard through even better roles and works to return the love from the audience and fans. Looking forward to happily and safely see everyone at even more public events in the future.”

Li Xian Yells at Paparazzi to Give Him Some Freedom

Video of Li Xian telling his fans to go home safely from September 9:

Li Xian is Fed Up with His Sasaeng Fans

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  1. He was so nice on Sept 9th! Look what they turned him into!! SMH. I am proud he is speaking up about this because this is not how fans should be acting. This is invasion of privacy and these people need to be punished to understand the consequences. When he wrote this, I felt like he was standing up for not only himself but all the other actors who are being chased by crazed fans. Very proud fan. 🙂 My thoughts to those who are chasing these actors. Please refrain from causing more embarrassment to yourselves. Loving any celebrity from afar is enough for them to receive your love.

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