TWICE’s Tzuyu and CLC’s Elkie Spotted Together in Taiwan

TWICE's Tzuyu and CLC's Elkie Spotted Together in Taiwan

Taiwanese member, Tzuyu, of K-Pop girl group, TWICE, was spotted in her hometown, Tainan a few days ago to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival with her family. Many netizens spotted her in the streets and took pictures with her. However, Hong Kong member, Elkie, of K-Pop girl group, CLC, was also spotted in Taiwan yesterday. It turns out Elkie came to Taiwan to celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival with Tzuyu.

CLC’s Elkie Files Motion to Terminate Contract with CUBE Entertainment

Netizens spotted Tzuyu and Elkie at Tzuyu’s mother’s coffee shop in Tainan. They were also spotted at a night market and even took pictures with fans. Even though this is a personal trip, neither of them wore mouth masks to conceal themselves.

CUBE Entertainment Announces Elkie’s Departure from CLC and the Company

The two idols are apparently really good friends. It’s no wonder Elkie took time from her busy schedule to spend the holiday with Tzuyu. It’s reported Elkie was holding a vlog camera all along. Fans are hoping she’ll upload the footage from her trip with Tzuyu

Credit: hk01, Elkie IG

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