CUBE Entertainment Announces Elkie’s Departure from CLC and the Company

CUBE Entertainment Announces Elkie's Departure from CLC and the Company

Hong Kong member, Elkie Chong (莊錠欣), of K-Pop group, CLC, filed a motion on Christmas day last year to terminate her contract with CUBE Entertainment. Elkie’s lawyers listed her grievances with CUBE Entertainment over financial disputes and the lack of future promotions for CLC and Elkie. Due to these claims, Elkie requested to have CUBE calculate the money owed to her and to terminate her contract with the company.

CLC’s Elkie Files Motion to Terminate Contract with CUBE Entertainment

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After 6 weeks, the case has come to an end. CLC’s official Twitter posted a message on February 3, announcing Elkie has left the group and that her exclusive contract with CUBE Entertainment has been terminated with mutual agreement from both parties. Unlike other artists who have had contract disputes, Elkie’s case with CUBE was resolved quite quickly.

Days after the contract termination suit was announced, Elkie wrote letters to her fans in Chinese, English, and Korean.