Li Xian Yells at Paparazzi to Give Him Some Freedom

Li Xian Yells at Paparazzi to Give Him Some Freedom

No one has been more vocal than Li Xian (李现) when it comes to setting boundaries between celebrities and fans. Li Xian has constantly been speaking out losing his freedom and being followed by sasaeng fans or paparazzi after becoming famous. He has made public posts about it on his Weibo several times with the most recent one on May 13, where he encountered a bunch of fans following him home after taking a stroll in a park.

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Li Xian was trending again on June 4 with the hash tag “Li Xian give me some freedom, okay?”, when he was met with a bunch of substitute photographers and paparazzi after landing at the Sanya Airport. A video surfaced of Li Xian being crowded by fans taking pictures of him. He was seen yelling at the fans “Give me some freedom, okay?!”. Those fans and substitute photographers immediately dispersed. He is then seen pointing his fingers at the paparazzi and yelling at them, “And you too, paparazzi, don’t film!”

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Li Xian keeps walking to the parking lot. However, he suddenly turns around and takes his phone to film the paparazzi filming him. This seemed to be a private schedule as there were no assistants around. What’s worse is that there was a substitute photographer who kept filming Li Xian. In the video, a man is heard saying, “He’s crazy, he’s crazy. COVID-19 has already gotten to his brain.”

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There is also another video of Li Xian inside the airport where he was being escorted by security and is seen telling the people, “What are you guys filming? Don’t film anymore, okay?”

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2 thoughts on “Li Xian Yells at Paparazzi to Give Him Some Freedom

  1. adoring fan here… I hope you guys give him some space. Artists are people like us and have days when we just want to be left alone. Its good to worship them on screen, but we need to consider they need their peace as well. How can artists be productive if they are on edge? Limelight is okay, but lets set some boundaries.

  2. What happened to Social Distancing? There isn’t a cure for Covid yet people. To the man saying Li Xian is crazy, dude, I want to be doing exactly what you are doing to Li Xian to see how you would feel…

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