Shiga Lin Doesn’t Deny Dating Carlos Chan

Shiga Lin Doesn't Deny Dating Carlos Chan

Recently, there were rumors Shiga Lin (連詩雅) was dating Carlos Chan (陳家樂) after there were reports of him coming out of her home. The two became friends after filming a variety show in Korea last year. Shiga Lin revealed she and her musician boyfriend of three years, Terry Chui (徐浩), had broke up a while ago in April. She was asked about her dating rumors with Carlos Chan at the blessing ceremony for her new TVB series, “Criminal Investigation Diary” (刑偵日記).

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Shiga Lin revealed that she got along very well with the cast and crew from filming the show with Carlos Chan last year. She said, “Everyone is close in age. The whole group became friends. We’ve been chatting all along.” As for dating Carlos Chan, she said, “No comment on relationship matters. I hope everyone gives some space. My new series “Life After Death” is coming out soon. I am also very nervous about the reaction.”

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When asked about Carlos Chan’s behavior, she responded, “He’s very nice. Because I am not someone who gets close to someone easily. The other person has to be kind-hearted and have good character in order to appear in my life.” On whether she would ask Carlos Chan for acting tips, she said she can ask reach out to a lot of seniors around her.

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