Shen Yue Earns Praise for Slaying at Paris Fashion Week

Shen Yue Earns Praise for Slaying at Paris Fashion Week

Chinese actress Shen Yue (沈月) is known for her petite frame, which was perfect for her role as “Chen Xiaoxi” in “A Love So Beautiful” (致我们单纯的小美好). She’s always given the girl next door vibes. However, even though she became popular and gained many fans around the world, she has always been subject to body shaming from netizens. They often criticized her for looking plain and not having a nice body. People tend to forget Shen Yue is only 22 years old. However, Shen Yue gained some fans after her stint at Paris Fashion Week on September 30.

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Known for her bubbly and pure look, Shen Yue slayed at Paris Fashion Week with a more mature and feminine look, clad in black. On the day she arrived in Paris, she still looked like her normal self.

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She surprised everyone the next day with this look.

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There were still a minority of netizens who criticized her looks saying, “The photoshop artist worked hard.”, “50/50 ratio body proportions are her Achilles’ Heel.” The majority of netizens complimented Shen Yue’s look saying, “It looks pretty good.”, “Truthfully, it does look good this time.”, “This time’s make up look and hair style are really a surprise.”, “I am feeling this style.” Netizens also noticed Shen Yue was successful in losing weight.

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What do you guys think about her look at Paris Fashion Week?

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11 thoughts on “Shen Yue Earns Praise for Slaying at Paris Fashion Week

    1. I am surprised at how some people criticize Shen Yue. I cannot understand how mean they are. Is body shaming and being inane a consequence of not having enough freedom of speech?

  1. ilove shen yue for being she is.. what ever dress that she use she is slaying and stunning… i love her so much… im so proud of her. not every artist experiencing like this.

  2. ShenYue looks gorgeous beautiful at Paris Fashion Week . From cute pretty girl look become beautiful an elegant lady . She will keep rising and shine on her own . I really hope she will got big contract after Paris trips , hopefully she will get invite to attend the precious Cannes Film Festival . Wish all the best for ShenYue 😍😊🥰🙏🙏

  3. Shen Yue slayed the Paris Fashion Week! She looked fabulous and stunning on Giambattistavalli black dress and Lacoste in red outfit. Her petite body accentuate perfectly with her look. I hope she’ll continue to shine!!

  4. Shen you look fabulous and sexy. In her petite style is winderful. Not everyone is tall. Most of us atbcloser to Shen Yue height.

  5. I like Shen Yue’s Paris look! I cringe so hard at some of the stuff she had to wear for ALSB and MG. 😝

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