Shen Yue Admits She is Lucky, but Needs to Strive Harder on Her Works

Shen Yue Admits She is Lucky, but Needs to Strive Harder on Her Works

Since Shen Yue (沈月) debuted, she has mostly filmed idol dramas or school themed series. There have been many different types of public opinions about Shen Yue whether it’s about her acting or her appearance. In a recent interview with Sohu Entertainment, Shen Yue admits she has been very lucky, but also says she needs to work harder on her portfolio of work.

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Shen Yue’s appearance has always been a heated topic for discussion among netizens. There is always something to nitpick about her height, her figure, or her style. So when the interviewer asked her if she ever had any doubts about people saying she looks very “ordinary looking”, Shen Yue had this to say, “No, I am quite self aware.”

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When asked how many points she would rate herself out of 100 points on her appearance, Shen Yue replied, “I think I am good looking, but I also know I am ordinary, but I do feel that I am actually good looking…just very ordinarily good looking. It’s like in a mother’s eyes, she will think her daughter is beautiful, so in my eyes, I would think that I am good looking. It’s this type of logic.”

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The interviewer then asks, “During ‘A Love So Beautiful’, everyone’s evaluation of you during that time was actually very friendly. Afterwards, you filmed a couple of series, which had some not so good voices. Did your attitude experience a change like this?” Shen Yue responded, “When ‘A Love So Beautiful’ first came out, the aspects everyone sees of you are actually very narrow. As you become more exposed to the public, you must show off your different aspects. It’s not like I am a perfect person. My shortcomings would all be revealed to the public. The public won’t be able to avoid commenting on you, there will be criticisms. I think listening to these voices is also a good thing. At least from looking at the results, I admit I am working hard to slowly become better.”

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On the criticisms that would bother her, Shen Yue responded, “When I hear the voices of criticisms, I would choke a bit inside, but I can accept all of their thoughts and then pay attention to it.” As for people thinking Shen Yue has been very lucky, she replied, “First of all, everyone thinks I am lucky, that’s because my first series, ‘A Love So Beautiful’, received some recognition. Afterwards, I got a lot of opportunities that allowed me to be seen and I also had the opportunity to choose other series. Actually, since I’ve debuted in these 3-4 years, the dramas I’ve filmed aren’t that much, so I admit I am lucky, but when it comes to my portfolio of work, I still need to work harder.”

Credit: Sohu, Weibo (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)