Jasper Liu Shares Experience Working with Shen Yue on “Use For My Talent”

Jasper Liu Shares Experience Working with Shen Yue on Use For My Talent

Jasper Liu (劉以豪) and Shen Yue (沈月) wrapped up filming on their romcom drama, “Use For My Talent” (我亲爱的小洁癖), on August 5, which started filming on May 30. The cast all posted pictures from their experience filming on set and on the day filming wrapped.

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This is also Jasper Liu and Shen Yue’s first time working together. From the pictures they both posted, they seemed to have a lot of fun on set. On interacting with Shen Yue while filming, Jasper Liu expressed, “Shen Yue is a very sincere, authentic, and cute girl. All emotions of joy and sorrows are directly expressed on her face. Regardless if it’s during filming or in private, she is often laughing until she tears or crying while squatting on the ground. Thanks to her for giving me such a real experience with her performance.”

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This is Jasper Liu’s second time filming a Chinese drama. What touched him the most was his fans coming to the set on the last day of filming to show support. As Jasper Liu’s birthday is on August 12, his fans also brought a cake to celebrate with him in advance. They also wrote a birthday card for him and signed from, “Villagers of Broccoli Village”. Jasper Liu is warmly known as “broccoli head” and the “village chief” of “Broccoli Village” to his fans when he permed his hair.

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Jasper Liu thanked his fans for coming to support him and mentioned how they kept a distance while he was filming to avoid affecting his emotions. When asked what he wanted to do after wrapping up filming, he said, “I want to sit in the living room with my family members and just chat. I would just lie down on the floor, do nothing and zone out.”

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