Eugenie Liu Felt Unexplainable Familiarity with Jasper Liu Because of One Gesture

Trailer for Jasper Liu and Eugenia Liu's Netflix Series, "Triad Princess is Out!

The second original Taiwanese series produced for Netflix, “Triad Princess” (極道千金), will be airing on December 6. The series stars Eugenie Liu (劉奕兒) and Jasper Liu (劉以豪) as the respective female and male leads. The trailer for the series was released yesterday and it looks to be full of the usual quirky Taiwanese romcom antics familiar to T-Drama viewers.

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Jasper Liu plays “Hsu Yi Fang” (徐逸航), an international mega star who is starting to feel burnt out towards his work. When asked how he was able to get into character, he jokingly said he had just finished filming something, which was when he felt the most burnt out. Due to the right timing, he was about to portray “Hsu Yi Hang”, who is very low key. Jasper Liu says his character is very much like him in real life and is the character that is the most similar to him.

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So how are they similar? Jasper Liu says he is just like “Hsu Yi Hang” in that he doesn’t see himself as a star. Once he goes home, he becomes an otaku (homebody). He expressed, “Hsu Yi Hang definitely has never saw himself as a mega star because he got into this industry accidentally. He doesn’t have any aspirations to become a big star.”

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As for Eugenie Liu, she plays a triad boss’s daughter, “Angie” (倪安琪), who is madly in love with “Hsu Yi Hang”. She escapes home after being forced into an arranged marriage by her father. Through a chance encounter, she becomes a bodyguard to an actress that is rumored with “Hsu Yi Hang” in order to get closer to him.

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Eugenie Liu expressed she felt Jasper Liu gave her a very unexplainable familiarity. Due to the needs of the character, she had to cut her hair short. Eugenie Liu recounted Jasper Liu had suddenly offered to help her cut her hair, leaving a deep impression on her. She would often be able to observe whether Jasper Liu was in a good or bad mood. Even though this was their first time working together and despite portraying a sweet couple, it’s reported their interactions were very natural and not awkward at all. She felt Jasper Liu was like a long lost family member or a friend she knew for a long time.

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