How Did Jasper Liu Get So Popular in South Korea?

How Did Jasper Liu Get So Popular in South Korea?

Taiwanese actor, Jasper Liu (劉以豪), has a sizable following in South Korea these past few years. He has his own fan club there and is always met with large crowds when he arrives at the airport. Not only does he have fans there, he also has an affinity with a lot of South Korean celebrities as witnessed by the pictures on his social media and his collaborations. He was also invited on an episode of “Superman is Back” and was recently filming a Netflix show with South Korean artist, Lee Seung Gi. So how did Jasper Liu get this popular in South Korea?

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People might think Jasper Liu’s popularity in South Korea dates back to 2018’s “More Than Blue” (比悲傷更悲傷的故事), where it was well received. While the movie was really successful and catapulted his career even further on a global scale, this wasn’t the starting point. It all dates back to 2013. Jasper Liu and his manager were also curious as to how he got so popular in South Korea before ever promoting there. So they asked a South Korean friend and it turns out his fan club in South Korea was already established in 2013.

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How did this phenomenon start? Jasper Liu started using Instagram in 2013. Many of his pictures started getting noticed and were shared on different websites. He started getting labeled as the “sunshine boy”, “warm man”, Taiwan representative in all countries. Many South Korean fans also liked his “broccoli” hair style in the hit series, “In Time With You” (我可能不會愛你), so that also contributed to his growing popularity. Because of this popular hair style, fans started searching for similar roles of his. His fan club is said to have reached over 1,000 members. In 2016, he got even more popular after fans noticed he resembled South Korean actor, Seo Kang Joon from “Cheese in the Trap”.

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In 2016, Jasper Liu held his South Korean fan meeting. There were fans who translated his iconic scenes into Korean. He repaid them by reciting the lines on stage with his fans. South Korean fans would also send gifts and food items to Jasper Liu and to staff members at his management company. After the success of “More Than Blue”, his next film “Take Me to the Moon” (帶我去月球) made over 26 million TWD (~842,000 USD) at the South Korean box office.

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A South Korean entertainment insider revealed, “Jasper Liu’s smile is well liked by Koreans, especially when he smiles and the corners of his mouth are so deep and natural. It’s rare to see in South Korea. At events, he seems to treat his fans really well and is always caring about others, making him very likable.” It’s no wonder he captured so many hearts fans.

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