Jasper Liu Yi Hao Sheds Boy Next Door Image in “Before We Get Married”

Jasper Liu Yi Hao Sheds Boy Next Door Image in "Before We Get Married"

Taiwanese actor Jasper Liu Yi Hao (劉以豪) is starring in new series, “Before We Get Married” (我們不能是朋友), alongside lead actress, Puff Kuo (郭雪芙). This is their second time portraying a couple after 2014’s “Love Myself or You? / Pleasantly Surprised” (喜歡一個人). The story talks about the two who couldn’t stand the sight of the opposite person to eventually having feelings for each other. They can’t become lovers, but can’t be friends either. At the same time, they are unable to control each other’s feelings for each other. The couple have to choose between the person they love or the person they should love.

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Jasper Liu Yi Hao plays a stock broker and is in a very steady relationship of 10 years with his fiancee. He treats investing and romance the same – that is “If I feel unsatisfied in a relationship, I have to compensate for stopping my losses. I have to find my profits from other targets. This is my own survival principle.”

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As for Puff Kuo, she is a Project Manager in the IT industry. She is in a stable relationship with her boyfriend of three years. He proposes to her and decides to get married, but after making the decision, she starts to have doubts.

Jasper Liu Complained about Puff Kuo Getting Too Close to His Private Parts while Filming “Before We Get Married”

This series is not your typical Taiwanese idol drama flair. There are quite a few intimate scenes between Jasper Liu Yi Hao and Puff Kuo. In the trailer, the two are in very compromising and risqué positions. The director had requested Jasper Liu Yi Hao to use his mouth to strip off Puff Kuo’s shoulder strap for one of the bed scenes. The director revealed Jasper Liu Yi Hao was really shy about this scene and kept covering his face. When he started filming the scene, he revealed Jasper Liu Yi Hao was like a dog chewing off something. It was missing the romance, so there were several takes. The director had to tell him to be more gentle and do it lightly.

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Jasper Liu Yi Hao, who displays characteristics of a domineering CEO in the series, clarifies he is definitely not like that in real life. Can you guys get used to this side of Jasper Liu Yi Hao?

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The series debuts on 5/31. Check out the trailer below.

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10 minute trailer below:

Credit: Elle TW (1, 2), Puff Kuo IG

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