Jasper Liu Complained about Puff Kuo Getting Too Close to His Private Parts while Filming “Before We Get Married”

Jasper Liu Complained about Puff Kuo Getting Too Close to His Private Parts while Filming "Before We Get Married"

Risqué Taiwanese drama, “Before We Get Married” (我們不能是朋友), is airing its finale tomorrow. The long awaited bed scene is about to air. There is a scene where Puff Kuo (郭雪芙) is kissing Jasper Liu’s (劉以豪) body. When the two were rehearsing for this scene, Jasper Liu was suddenly speechless. The director made fun of him and asked, “Liu Yi Hao, you are shier than Puff Kuo, aren’t you?” Jasper Liu Yi Hao responds, “Because she is really moving towards down there!” Puff Kuo retorted back, “I didn’t touch you.”

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Jasper Liu Complained about Puff Kuo Getting Too Close to His Private Parts while Filming "Before We Get Married"

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As they also played a couple in the 2014 series, “Pleasantly Surprised (喜歡·一個人), Puff Kuo and Jasper Liu have a lot of chemistry and are good friends off screen too. Puff Kuo even surprised Jasper Liu at his recent birthday event with fans. Because of their closeness, neither of them felt any burden filming intimate scenes. However, because of Puff Kuo’s flirting, it caused Jasper Liu to get shy and created some funny outtakes.

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Puff Kuo explained she would normally be very shy when filming revealing and intimate scenes. Because this bed scene was close to the end of filming, she decided to let it all out or else filming wouldn’t be completed on time. She explained, “So even though all the crew members are mostly men, I still let myself go and followed according to the director’s instructions. I was really invested into the scene’s emotions.” It was only afterwards when Puff Kuo found out from the crew members that Jasper Liu looked very shy during filming. Puff Kuo couldn’t hold it in and said, “Because I was very focused on my own condition, so I didn’t really see him get shy.”

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Jasper Liu Complained about Puff Kuo Getting Too Close to His Private Parts while Filming "Before We Get Married"

Credit: ETtoday.net, Puff Kuo IG

12 thoughts on “Jasper Liu Complained about Puff Kuo Getting Too Close to His Private Parts while Filming “Before We Get Married”

  1. Wow! Girl speakfor yourself! Jasper is an excellent actor and if he felt uncomfortable or even if he was surprised, THAT’s his RIGHT TO SAY! It doesn’t mean you can blacklist him or attempt to!! I’ve watched most of his work and he’s awesome! Grow up, this isn’t grade school antics!

  2. Wow, is this for real? He could of said something. This isn’t right. I thought this love scene was one of the best I have seen in a long time and it really didn’t show much skin, that is what made it great. Good job Puff. If I was an actress, I would be a little worried about having a love scene with Jasper because what is he going to say afterwards. I just starting watching T-dramas and I thought, wow, they make a great couple in dramas. How sad. Hey, directors can he refuse to do a scene? If yes, why did he do it? So, Puff is the one that made this scene magical not Jasper. I’m going to share this with as many people here in the states I can, so they can go “What!” Good luck Puff!!! You are amazing. Smile and befriend everyone because that is what your do and if they take it as flirting that is their problem.
    Here in the USA we love you Puff. I won’t waste my time watching Jasper’s drama any longer. 2020

    1. lmao please don’t twisted why he said. He just mentioned being shy when he was doing intimate scene with other actress. He did not refuse the scene and he gave a reason for being shy when the director teased him. Can you please tell me which parts of his statement make you feel that way? If you don’t bother to reply, it means that you are making up something with your wonderful imagination!

    1. I’ve watched this drama, I didn’t notice that he was shy on the bed scene part but I noticed that he was careful in his acting on this scene though. But overall, I commend your acting on this drama, Jasper. Keep it up!

      1. Hi I’m with you on this one, i think the both of them, did the intamate scenes very well, not once had i felt uncomfortable watching them, solely and simply because all scenes involving intimacy was done tastefully, THANKYOU both JASPER AND PUFF, I like the both of you. Goodluck to the two of you. You both have MY FULL SUPPORT

    2. He did not have any problems with her… what did you get this information from? All he did was providing a reason for being shy when his director teased him.. He is a true gentlemen because being shy in intimate scene means that he did not use it as a opportunity to take advantage of her. He is a good actor who respect the actress while doing intimate scenes. If a guy is not shy while doing these scenes, he is probably taking advantages of the actress.

      1. That’s true but , he shouldn’t say it out because she must felt guilt at that time and embarrassing too because the set is full of opposite gender. She couldn’t say it out or Express it out because she is a girl so after returning to home she will stand in front of mirror and she will feel guilt at that time .

    3. The article clearly says “during rehearsal” so he brought it up then and there……clearly he was ok with the scene but felt shy when she moved too low. Its normal you know. Actors are people too. Theyre entitled to feelings of embarrassment. Plus he didn’t refuse to shoot the scene. He merely got shy and when the director mentioned it he stated why he was shy. Its not like he made a fuss and insulted the girl. The title of this article is extremely misleading.

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