Puff Kuo Taking Hiatus from Filming Due to Recurring Health Condition

Puff Kuo Taking Hiatus from Filming Due to Recurring Health Condition

After last year’s hit series, “Before We Get Married” (我們不能是朋友), Jasper Liu (劉以豪) and Puff Kuo’s (郭雪芙) popularities reached new heights. Jasper Liu went on to work on a whole bunch of projects and started developing his career in China. Puff Kuo filmed a Taiwanese series (因為我喜歡你) with Jiro Wang (汪東城), but after filming wrapped in November, she has been relatively quiet. As it turns out, Puff Kuo’s old health condition had relapsed, causing her to take a temporary break from filming.

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Puff Kuo has congenital joint loosening issues. If she performs overly extreme exercises, her joints can become loose or sticky. When the condition relapsed, it worsened to the point where her body ached all over. It even affected her sleep causing her to have long term sleep issues. Because of her busy schedule, she hasn’t had the time to condition her body well. So in 2020, she decided, “In the new year, I want to take things slowly. Spend more time on things I want to do, settle down, and experience different aspects of life.”

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In order to restore her body to optimal health, Puff Kuo decided to take a six month break from filming to recharge herself. Even with her hiatus from filming, Puff Kuo made sure to stay connected with fans. She has a Youtube channel and has been active in the last two months. The theme of her channel is, “What am I doing if I’m not working?”

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