Sarah Song and Jason Chan are Expecting Second Baby

Sarah Song and Jason Chan are Expecting Second Baby

Sarah Song (宋熙年) and Jason Chan (陳智燊) got married in 2016. They gave birth to their son, Damon, in 2018. During these two years, both of them left TVB and focused on growing their Youtube channel. However, aside from their burgeoning careers as influencers, they also recently announced their family was growing with a new member. On March 30, they announced Sarah Song’s second pregnancy.

Sarah Song Leaves TVB After 12 Years

Jason Chan Praises Son as Lucky Charm, Wants More Children

Jason Chan responded to Oriental Daily saying, “Aside from sharing the happy news on Instagram, I also really want to thank the frontline workers. As for being a dad again, I’m really happy, but with the pandemic like this, I am very nervous…very nervous. The only thing we can do is be ourselves, stay at home, take care of the family, take care of myself first. It’s still the second pregnancy. A lot of things I am not as worried. When my wife had her first pregnancy, I was pretty worried, but she is the one carrying the baby. As her other half, I was really nervous at the time. I didn’t know how to help her and take care of her. This time I will be a lot more relaxed.” As for the sex of the baby, Jason Chan told everyone to guess first.

Sarah Song and Jason Chan Welcome Their Second Baby Boy, Jamie

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