Jason Chan Praises Son as Lucky Charm, Wants More Children

Jason Chan Praises Son as Lucky Charm, Wants More Children

Recently departed TVB artist, Jason Chan (陳智燊) appeared at the annual “Oriental Watch Sha Tin Trophy” press conference in Happy Valley today.  Jason and his wife, Sarah Song (宋熙年), are first time parents to their son, born just a few weeks ago.  He reveals his “First Time Dad Diaries” and says “Night feeding and changing diapers are fine.  Even though I have OCD, I can still handle it.”

Sarah Song Leaves TVB After 12 Years

On Picking a Cool Name

Jason shares, “When he cries, I can still handle it.  He isn’t too much to handle.” When asked if they set a Chinese name yet, he says, “There’s one or two names that we’re still thinking about.  We don’t want to pick an uncool name.  Our friends came up with the names as our Chinese is so “good”.  As for the English name, we’re going back and forth because Sarah is set on one name and I am set on another.  Maybe this time, I’ll let Sarah choose the name.  Next time, I could choose it.  I would like to have one more child if our finances allow it.”

Sarah Song and Jason Chan are Expecting Second Baby

Sarah Song and Jason Chan Welcome Their Second Baby Boy, Jamie

Earning Money for Milk Formula

On the baby being a lucky charm due to the amount of work he has received since leaving TVB, Jason reveals, “Yes, he is pretty lucky.  I’ve been pretty busy lately.  When I’m done with work, I only think about going home to see him; this is also a source of inspiration.”  When asked if his income is higher now compared to TVB, Jason explains, “Can’t think of it like this.  It has been pretty good lately, enough for me to do a lot of things.  Hopefully, I can save enough for a few years worth of school tuition.”

Jason is leaving for Germany to work for a week.  He is already missing his baby.  Jason reveals, “I’m afraid Sarah can’t handle the baby with one less person.  She’s also “坐月” (post-natal care for a month), so she’ll get bored.  Maybe I’ll get her a present first.”

Credit: hk.on.cc, Jason Chan IG

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