Big Bang’s Seungri Shows Off His Mandarin in Taiwan Event

Seung Ri Taiwan Christian Dada

Korean celebrity, Seungri of K-Pop idol group, Big Bang, was in Taiwan yesterday to attend the flagship store opening of Japanese brand “Christian Dada.”  Aside from Seungri, his label mate, Sandara of disbanded group, 2NE1 was also in attendance.

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Once Seungri gets on stage, he immediately shows off his Mandarin skills.  He pretty much conducts the entire interview in Mandarin with a bit of help from his manager.  I must say, it’s better than I expected.

Seungri the Crowd Pleaser

At the event, he greets the Taiwanese fans, thanks them for coming and also says it’s been a long time since he’s seen everyone.  The host then says he thinks Seungri’s Mandarin is better than his, Seungri jokes and says, “I think so too.  Seungri continues in Mandarin explaining why he likes the brand and says, “I just flew from Singapore to Taipei.  The flight is about 3 and a half hours.  So I chose to wear comfortable clothes from Christian Dada’s new season.”  Seungri definitely lives up to his reputation as a crowd pleaser and party pumper, as he is seen streaming live at the event.

Reveals Plans for Taipei

Seungri continues to say he likes the brand a lot, but because there are no stores in Korea, he’ll have to fly to Taiwan often to get their clothes.  In an interview, Seungri also reveals, “Right now, I am the only one left in Big Bang [not in the army].  I just finished my solo concert in Seoul.  The next stop is Osaka, Japan.”  Then he suddenly reveals, “I can’t say when, but it’ll happen soon.  Didn’t you hear? I said, it’ll happen soon, my solo concert in Taipei!”, earning screams from the crowd.

Watch Seungri liven up the crowd in Taipei: 

Credit: Apple Daily

Credit: Apple Daily TW, Mirror Media 

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  1. I love Big Bang but was not a fan of Seungri but over the years I have grown to admire his hustle. He is always working on improving himself as an entertainer and is not afraid to put himself out there.

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