Steven Sun Sorta Confirms His Relationship with Puff Kuo

Steven Sun Sorta Confirms His Relationship with Puff Kuo

Taiwanese series, “Before We Got Married” (我們不能是朋友) recently ended with decent ratings and rave reviews. Even though Steven Sun didn’t end up with Puff Kuo (郭雪芙) in “Before We Get Married”, the two have been rumored to be dating after filming the series together. Steven Sun (孫其君) was asked about his relationship with Puff Kuo in a recent interview. This is what he had to say.

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While the two were filming for “Before We Get Married”, rumors were circulating the two went from reel to real as paparazzi filmed the two were often hanging at Puff Kuo’s home. However, Steven Sun had a girlfriend referred to as, “Miss K”, at the time. Later on, he clarified he and Puff Kuo were just friends and also publicly apologized for not handling his relationship matters well. He said, “Miss K and I’s beautiful relationship couldn’t go til the end. I am very sorry to her for hurting her and making her sad. I didn’t do a good job. After communicating, both of us reached an understanding and wished each other well”.

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Seven months after the dating rumors, Steven Sun yielded and sorta confirmed his relationship with Puff Kuo saying, “Looking forward to a stable relationship”. Steven Sun also clarified netizens comments saying he is just like his character from the series. He says, “I think there are only 10% similarities. There are two reasons, one, we’re both men, two, we both have a goal to buy a home. I will save my money to buy a home. It’s like a chapter in life, but I won’t be like him, only spending $150 each day. I feel it’s important to have a wonderful and fulfilling life.”

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As for the differences, Steven Sun says, “There are a lot. After breaking up, I won’t linger. Usually with break ups, one party’s heart isn’t with you anymore. You’ll ask a lot of questions, like why can’t I compare with someone else. In the end, you’ll get hurt. Usually, I will let it go.”

Credit: ETtoday, Puff Kuo IG, Steven Sun IG