Puff Kuo Denies Accepting Marriage Proposal from Steven Sun, Says She’s Currently Single

Puff Kuo Denies Accepting Marriage Proposal from Steven Sun, Says She's Currently Single

Puff Kuo (郭雪芙) and Steven Sun (孫其君) have been rumored to be dating since filming for the 2019 series, “Before We Got Married” (我們不能是朋友). After the series ended, Steven Sun hinted at a possible relationship with Puff Kuo. Days later, the two were spotted shopping at Costco and seen hanging out with friends. However, they never confirmed or denied their relationship.

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On March 17, Taiwanese tabloid, Mirror Media, reported Puff Kuo had accepted Steven Sun’s marriage proposal. They even detailed out the marriage proposal. However, Puff Kuo’s manager denied the rumors and said, “They have always been friends. I don’t know why these type of weird rumors keep appearing. We will not be responding to the unfounded rumors.”

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Steven Sun’s manager also denied the rumors, saying, “The magazine’s report is unfounded. The content is completely not true. Steven is currently focused on work. We reserve the right to take legal action against the false reports.”

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Shortly after, Puff Kuo’s company issued a statement addressing the marriage rumors, saying, “In regards to today’s media report on Mr. Steven Sun proposing to our company’s artist, Puff Kuo, and the fabrication of made up story details, this has already severely affected Puff Kuo’s personal reputation. Puff Kuo is currently single and has no plans to get married. She just wants to focus on work. We urge everyone to pay more attention and support her work performance. We solemnly declare there were no media reporting on such incident and don’t rule out people with intentions deliberately manipulating this. If there are media platforms or third parties still expressing any false content, the involved parties will take legal action to protect our rights and interests. Thanks again to all the media outlets and friends for their concern.”

This was posted by Puff Kuo on Instagram and her Instagram stories.

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