Ariel Lin Sighs in Frustration When Speaking about Her Journey to Get Pregnant

Ariel Lin Sighs in Frustration When Speaking about Her Journey to Get Pregnant

Ariel Lin (林依晨) has taken a semi-hiatus from her acting career in order to focus on starting a family with her husband. Since 2018, she hasn’t worked on any new dramas or movies. On March 17, she attended an event and was asked by reporters about her progress in trying to get pregnant. When asked if she tried IVF, Ariel Lin responded in frustration, “Whatever method you can think of, I’ve already tried.” When asked if she will give up, Ariel Lin said, “This to me is a very important journey. I treat it with more caution.”

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Ariel Lin and her businessman husband, Charles Lin (林于超), have been in a long distance relationship ever since they were dating as he works in the US. He recently returned to Taiwan for 2-3 months, but is set to return to America next month. However, Ariel Lin said she is used to this after being together for 9 years. She expressed, “The essence of marriage is life. If life can accumulate enough tacit understanding and enough empathy, it wouldn’t be too hard. When I chose this person at the time, I wanted to go through life with him together. We will try our best to find the time and opportunity to meet up.”

As for filming a new series, Ariel Lin revealed she found a good script that is currently being written. She said the director and the male lead are both someone worth looking forward to. The earliest they’ll start filming is probably “early next year”. If she gets pregnant during this period, Ariel Lin laughed and said, “That’s why I said the most optimistic is filming next year.”

Credit: ETtoday, Ariel Lin IG

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