Jackson Wang Gets Shy Meeting His “Childhood Idol”, Yang Zi, on “Go! Fridge”

Jackson Wang Gets Shy Meeting His "Childhood Idol", Yang Zi, on "Go! Fridge"

Chinese artist, Jackson Wang (王嘉爾), hosts a Chinese variety show called, “Go! Fridge” (拜託了冰箱) with host, He Jiong (何炅). Jackson Wang once revealed on the show his “childhood idol” was Chinese actress, Yang Zi (楊紫). Even though Yang Zi is only 2 years older than Jackson Wang, she started out as childhood actress. He Jiong then told Jackson Wang to use the opportunity to invite Yang Zi onto the show. Jackson Wang gets his wish as Yang Zi is one of the guests in the upcoming 9th episode of the fifth season.

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Jackson Wang is excited upon seeing Yang Zi, but He Jiong seizes the opportunity and claps Yang Zi’s hand to greet her. Jackson Wang is jealous and immediately pulls He Jiong away. In between, there is a little segment requiring Jackson Wang and Yang Zi to look at each other for 30 seconds. However, Jackson Wang is shy and asks Yang Zi, “Can you not look at me? I’ll look at you.” Yang Zi, dumbfounded, asks, “Then who am I looking at?” Jackson Wang then goes, “Just kill me!”

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The episodes can be watched on Youtube:

Credit: ETtoday.net, Tencent Youtube, Yang Zi Weibo, Jackson Wang IG