Alleged Phone Conversations Between Elaine Yiu and Raymond Young’s “Mistress” Leaked

Alleged Phone Conversations Between Elaine Yiu and Raymond Young's Mistress Leaked

The Elaine Yiu (姚子羚) scandal keeps getting interesting as a person claiming to be the friend of Raymond Young’s (楊偉文) alleged “mistress” leaked five snippets of phone conversations that she claims are between Elaine Yiu and her friend. This person, who is being referred to as “Miss A”, also provided additional private pictures of Raymond Young and Elaine Yiu from their trip to Bangkok to Apple Daily HK.

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A few of the pictures show Elaine Yiu and Raymond Young clothed in bed with Elaine Yiu looking at the camera. Miss A claims, “The pictures are geotagged. The date, time, and location are listed on top of the pictures. It was last October in Bangkok. How would she (Elaine Yiu) not know about taking pictures in bed with him?”

Elaine Yiu’s Ex-Boyfriend, Raymond Young, His Ex-Wife, Sarika Choy Give Their Side of the Story

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Miss A also alleges Elaine Yiu had always knew Raymond Young wanted to get back with Sarika Choy (蔡宛珊). In order to do that, she was willing to work with the mistress to force Raymond Young to sign the divorce papers as soon as possible. Miss A says, “She (Elaine Yiu) was willing to be the second mistress. Raymond had actually initiated breaking up a few times, but she wanted to win and beat out the mistress.” These accusations are quite far fetched.

Elaine Yiu Claims She Didn’t Steal Anyone’s Husband

In the clips where someone sounding like Elaine Yiu is allegedly saying the following things:

Listen to the clips and decide for yourself:

“If he was more mature in his thinking, your wife wouldn’t leave you. This isn’t the first time I’ve said this to him. I said I finally understand why your wife left you.”

“He would definitely not tell me that his wife left him because he’s flirting with girls. He has said Sarika was not happy because he didn’t have time to spend with her since he works at the club from day to night while she’s waiting for him to come back at night. He said how does he have time. She knows I have to work, but she feels that it was better when he had no money, but more time.”

Elaine Yiu Not in a Rush to Find a Partner

“In the end, I busted him. I told him I had a friend who knew his wife and that I had a friend on IG who saw your wife and a picture of you. He couldn’t deny it because I had previously asked him several times. I said I I will ask you one more time. Did you go see your wife? He was denying it completely.”

“No, we were going back to his place. He suddenly stopped the car saying he might have saw you waiting downstairs. I said, really, I don’t see it. I think he was full of it. He was waiting for me to retreat so that I wouldn’t go up to his place. Of course I wouldn’t fall for it. I purposely went up to his place.”

Elaine Yiu Embroiled in Scandal for Dating a Married Man and Befriending His Wife

Sarika Choy spoke with and declined to comment about her ex-husband’s romantic life and whether their divorce was over third parties. However, she did say that the decision to divorce wasn’t just over one thing and wasn’t made lightly. When asked if she found any traces of his wrongdoing before they separated, Sarika Choy explains, “Before we separated, I don’t think he committed any devious behavior with women behind my back. As to the authenticity of those recordings? I think they should be real because it’s already leaked. It’s also her voice. That’s all I can say.”

Credit: Apple Daily HK,, Elaine Yiu IG