Elaine Yiu’s Ex-Boyfriend, Raymond Young, His Ex-Wife, Sarika Choy Give Their Side of the Story

Elaine Yiu's Ex-Boyfriend, Raymond Young, His Ex-Wife, Sarika Choy Give Their Side of the Story

After Elaine Yiu addressed the media, the other stars of this scandal, Raymond Young and Sarika Choy have given their side of the story. Raymond Young responded to Oriental Daily News saying, “When we were together, I was already separated from my wife. We were in the process of getting a divorce. Right now, we (Elaine Yiu) are no longer together. The pictures were definitely not sent by me.” When asked if he had sent the pictures to a friend as Elaine Yiu didn’t know there were pictures of them in bed, he responded, “I don’t want to say much further. I don’t want to dig a deeper hole. I don’t want to affect people. The fact is I was separated for two years. I am single right now. Dating is normal. It’s not something that can’t be seen in broad daylight!”

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As for Sharika Choy’s side of the story, she responded to Apple Daily HK today and said she and Raymond Young were separated in January of 2017. Their divorce was finalized in January of this year. An Apple Daily HK reader reported to the newspaper that during their separation, Raymond Young hoped to reconcile with Sarika Choy and would not sign the divorce papers, dragging out the process for some time. This reader also says Elaine Yiu once told Raymond Young “If you don’t sign the papers, why don’t you reconcile with your wife!” To this, Sarika Choy said, “Er…yes, so I didn’t really pay attention to it. As for their details, I didn’t ask about it. I don’t want to comment. After we were separated, I wouldn’t intrude into his matters, don’t want to participate, don’t want to question his relationship matters.” Sarika Choy does admit to knowing Elaine Yiu through mutual friends, but emphasizes they aren’t close. As for whether they became friends before or after their separation, she declined to comment.

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When asked if she was very upset about the breakup, Sarika Choy said, “We dated for four years. From marriage to separation, it has been 6 years. We’ve been together for 10 years. We have an apartment together and a cat. After we separated, there were a lot of things we needed to handle, so we’ve kept in contact. But the most unhappy times have already passed. I am single right now. I am very happy to sign with Bob Lam’s company. He really treats me well. I am doing a show on ViuTV. I am focused on work right now. I am very thankful for all the people supporting me. I will be strong.”

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In her response to Oriental Daily News, she said, “After Raymond and I separated, I didn’t know of any first or second mistresses, picking one of out of the two, these words weren’t said by me.” She confirms Raymond Young wanted to reconcile. When asked about the timeline for the reconciliation, Sarika Choy rejects to divulge further. She said the separation lasted from January 2017 to January 2019, where she could proceed with the divorce on her end and sign the papers. She says they still contact each other because they have a home together and a cat and treat each other like family.

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When asked why they decided to divorce, Sarika Choy says, “When we decided to separate, it was because our values were different. We started to see things differently. So we decided to separate.”

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  1. I can understand the desire to brag to friends about dating a celebrity, but as a man, he has a duty to protect his exes’ privacy, esp when pics were taken without their consent. Not only did he not ask for consent, he then distributed the pics to 3rd parties, making his actions immoral, unethical & just really cheap. No wonder his ex-wife wanted to divorce him; she dodged a lifetime bullet. If he took further liberties with these pics & shared them, I think Elaine has every right to sue him for all he’s worth.

  2. From the picture you can tell he was the one who took it but he said he didn’t release it so who did? Elaine said she didn’t even know there was such a pic so he must have shared the pic with a third party. Man up and admit to it. Hope Elaine finds a real man lol

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