Elaine Yiu Addresses the Media on the Leak of Intimate Pictures with Ex-Boyfriend

Elaine Yiu Addresses the Media on the Leak of Intimate Pictures with Ex-Boyfriend

Elaine Yiu (姚子羚) addressed the media today on her current scandal that was initially reporting her to be in a relationship with a married man, Raymond Young, and befriending his wife, Sarika Choy (蔡宛珊). In addition to the initial news report, a series of intimate pictures between Elaine Yiu and Raymond Young were released to the public. She addresses all the rumors and clarifies what really happened.

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Summary of what Elaine Yiu addressed:

  1. At the time she and Raymond Young were together, his relationship with Sarika Choy was already over. According to what Elaine Yiu knew at the time, Sarika Choy and Raymond Young were already separated for two years.
  2. She knows Sarika Choy. She knew they dated.
  3. She doesn’t disclose when or why they broke up.
  4. She didn’t know someone took pictures of them in bed together. She has her suspicions as to who might have leaked the pictures.
  5. Emphasizes Raymond Young was already single when they were dating.
  6. She doesn’t know if there will be any more intimate pictures or videos leaked.
  7. She says she is someone who is very serious about her relationships and hopes they are simple.
  8. She and Raymond Young are currently friends, but have only contacted each other regarding the leak of the pictures.
  9. She will continue focusing on work. She hasn’t received any notice from TVB to stop her activities.
  10. She tells the press to ask Raymond Young on his feelings about the pictures and whether he has apologized to her yet.

Credit: Apple Daily HK, Elaine Yiu IG