Sarika Choy Denies Receiving Spousal Support from Raymond Young

Sarika Choy Denies Receiving Spousal Support from Raymond Young

In the days following Elaine Yiu’s (姚子羚) leaked pictures scandal, the focus has now shifted to the relationship between Raymond Young (楊偉文) and Sarika Choy (蔡宛珊). It was previously revealed by Sarika Choy that she and Raymond Young had bought a property unit in Causeway Bay together when they were still married. It’s reported the home was sold for 8.8 million HKD in 2018 and rumored Raymond Young has been paying spousal support to Sarika Choy with his share of the profits from the sold property. In the same year, Sarika Choy bought a property unit in Happy Valley for 12 million HKD, while Raymond Young is temporarily renting a place.

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Because there are so many rumors circulating, Sarika Choy decided to address them today in a lengthy and heart to heart Instagram post. She starts off expressing gratitude to those who have been by her side, supporting her, but emphasizes she needs to clarify a report about “spousal support.”

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💜 首先,好想衷心多謝所有關心同埋支持我嘅人。 好多謝我嘅屋企人、身邊所有嘅朋友、我公司、同所有支持我嘅每一位。 It really means a lot to me🙏🏼 但係睇到有一篇報導,關於「贍養費」一點,我覺得有需要澄清一下。 我16歲已經開始做part-time同入行做模特兒,另一方面一邊進修,增值自己。直至2007年認識當時係Dragon -I 做樓面嘅Raymond開始拍拖,大家都努力工作,三年後我哋就一人一半夾份買咗喺銅鑼灣嘅一層樓,作為結婚後嘅安樂窩。 2011年結婚,一直過住開心美滿嘅生活。一直以來我哋都係公一份婆一份,後來大家因為生活同value 上開始出現分歧,加上其他種種原因,2017年我鼓起最大嘅勇氣提出分居。 要分開呢個決定係我人生中最艱難同最艱苦嘅事。過去嘅兩年我真係過得好辛苦,感恩我身邊有家人同朋友嘅支持,陪我渡過難關。分居後,我就搬咗返家人屋企住。嗰段過渡時期,要好感謝屋企人嘅體諒,亦好抱歉令佢哋好擔心。 我唔想再繼續影響到家人嘅日常生活,所以喺2018年,我決定將我哋聯名嘅物業賣出,之後分返一人一半,我就用左個筆錢,加上自己嘅積蓄,去買入我現居跑馬地嘅單位。 至於贍養費方面,我同Raymond都協議我係象徵式一蚊都唔會收。因為我相信我可以靠我自己嘅能力去過我自己嘅生活,而且亦都唔想為佢帶嚟負擔。 身為一個單身嘅女人,要面對生活同埋供樓確係有點吃力。雖然入咗行咁多年我都唔係大紅大紫,但係我對每一份司儀、主持及拍攝工作都係全力以赴同好用心機去做,所以我非常感謝咁多年來一直支持我嘅客戶同合作夥伴。 呢段感情已經過去,呢幾年嘅人生經歷,亦令到我更加堅強。嚟緊嘅日子我會更加專注努力工作。我深信只要我繼續努力,所有事情都會變好。 我,單身,並不代表要倚靠其他人,而我從沒放棄相信愛情。 再一次多謝衷心感謝所有對我關心支持同鼓勵嘅每一位。亦都藉此祝福Elaine 姚子羚和事件裏牽涉嘅所有人。Thank you 💕 Miss S

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Sarika Choy says, “When I was 16, I already started doing part time work and entered the industry as a model, all the while studying to improve myself. It wasn’t until 2007 where I met Raymond, who was working the floor at Dragon-I at the time, and started dating. We both worked hard. Three years later, we chipped in equally to buy the property in Causeway Bay as our marriage nest. We got married in 2011 and was happily enjoying a beautiful lifestyle. From the start, it has always been half and half. Later on, because our lifestyles and values started to differ, along with other reasons, I struck up the courage in 2017 and suggested to separate.

The decision to separate was the most difficult and toughest one in my life. These past two years was really tough for me. I am thankful for my family and friends for staying by my side and supporting me through the hard times. After separating, I moved back home to live with my family. I am really grateful for my family for understanding and also sorry for making them worry.

I didn’t want to continue affecting my family’s lifestyle. So in 2018, I decided to sell our joint name property and split the profits. I used my share of the money and my own savings to buy my current home in Happy Valley.

As for spousal support, Raymond and I both agreed even symbolically, I will not receive one dollar. Because I believe I can support myself with my own abilities to spend the life I want. At the same time, I also don’t want to bring him any burden.”

Sarika Choy continues on that her relationship with Raymond Young is over, but even though she is currently single, she has never given up on finding love. She ends the post thanking her family and friends again, but in a very gracious move, she sends her blessings to Elaine Yiu and everyone else that was impacted by this scandal.

Elaine Yiu has also iterated she is confident there wouldn’t be more erotic videos released saying, “We didn’t film AV (adult video), definitely didn’t!” She also says she is a victim in some circumstances and is adamant that she didn’t take any nude pictures with Raymond Young.

Credit: Apple Daily HK (1, 2), Sarika Choy IG

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