Toby Leung is Getting Married Again

Toby Leung is Getting Married Again

Former TVB actress, Toby Leung (梁靖琪), announced she and her non-industry boyfriend, Jonathan Sze (施雋賢), are getting married. It was revealed Toby Leung and her fiancé have already applied for their marriage certificate. Toby Leung, who is 36 years old, is 8 years older than Jonathan Sze. He is said to be a Wealth Management Senior Manager.

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Toby Leung spoke to Oriental Daily News and revealed, “I am very thankful to everyone for your concerns. Our relationship has been very stable since the beginning, so we decide to get engaged last year. We also planned to apply for our marriage certificate sometime this year. As Jon is not in the industry, we will keep a low profile approach towards the wedding. Hope everyone will give us their sincere blessings. Thank you everyone!”

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Toby Leung was previously married in 2011 to a second generation wealthy heir, but the marriage only lasted for half a year. The two amicably split up. It wasn’t until 2018 Toby Leung started dating Jonathan Sze.

Credit:, Toby Leung IG