Toby Leung and Jonathan Sze Tied the Knot

Toby Leung and Jonathan Secretly Married

It was just last month when Toby Leung (梁靖琪) announced she was getting married to her non-celebrity boyfriend, Jonathan Sze (施雋賢). At the time, she didn’t reveal much details about the wedding date or venue. Today, Toby Leung announced on Instagram that she and her husband got married on June 28!

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Toby Leung and Jonathan Sze are both Christians. They got married at a Church on the 28th and also signed their marriage certificate at the wedding. Toby Leung’s bridesmaids include Angela Tong (湯盈盈), Janet Chow (湯盈盈), and Margaret Chung (鍾麗淇). Good friends, Annie Man (文頌嫻), Sherming Yiu (姚樂怡), also attended the wedding. It’s reported Toby Leung was so touched when Jonathan Sze recited his vows to her and their family, that she started crying.

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Toby Leung revealed, “When I heard him promise me and my parents to love me forever, take care of me in this lifetime, I just started crying like crazy. My bridesmaids, girlfriends, and family also cried. Also because my husband and I are Christians so having the wedding in a church feels very sacred.” On having kids, Toby Leung said she and her husband both like kids and their parents also want grandchildren. She hopes to have two children.

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Toby Leung expressed regret as they couldn’t invite everyone. She revealed, “Because my husband is not in the industry, we wanted to have a low key wedding. Friends and family are very good, helped us keep this secret. But what I feel the most bad about is because both families have a lot of friends. My husband and I also have a lot of friends, so we couldn’t invite a lot of our friends to the banquet. As for the bridesmaids, I didn’t play favorites. I let them choose and see whoever had time to spend the whole day with me. It’s unfortunate Charmaine (佘詩曼) couldn’t make it as she was working and not in Hong Kong.”

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It seems Toby Leung invited a lot of her celebrity friends. Actor, Derek Kwok (郭政鴻), posted a bunch of pictures with other artists on his Weibo. Even mega star, Louis Koo (古天樂), was seen in attendance.

Credit:, IG, Weibo