Chilam Cheung Gives Toby Leung CPR in “Shadow of Justice”

ViuTV Shadow of Justice Toby Leung Chilam Cheung

ViuTV’s “Shadow of Justice” just keeps getting better.  The series has already reached over 500 million views on Youku.  In one episode, Chilam Cheung’s (張智霖) character tries to save child soldier, Toby Leung (梁家樹).  In that particular scene, Chilam Cheung is fighting off the bad guys and later has to perform CPR on Toby Leung.  She reveals, “Actually Chilam and I don’t have a real relationship storyline in the series.  I like him, but he doesn’t like me.  However, if I could say one thing to Ling Feng (Chilam’s character), I would tell him I will always be by your side.” 

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Aside from all the intense action scenes and getting buried alive, Toby Leung also has to tackle showing off her body.  She goes undercover wearing skimpy clothing and goes to a tattoo parlor to get information in order to find out who framed Chilam Cheung.  From the looks of the pictures, it seems Toby Leung has no trouble flaunting what she got.  

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Many netizens have praised Toby Leung’s character for being interesting and said her acting has improved a lot.  To this, she happily responds, “I also went on discussion forums to see what netizens commented.  I remember there was someone who said I improved a lot.  I was so touched.  I hope everyone continues to support me!”  

Credit: Apple Daily