Myolie Wu Setting Up Her Own Company

Myolie Wu Setting Up Own Company HMV Digital Group

Former TVB actress Myolie Wu (胡杏兒), left TVB in 2015 and signed with Stephen Shiu, Jr.’s (蕭定一) company, HMV Digital China Group Ltd.   There were reports Myolie Wu was not resigning with the company after her contract is up and is setting up her own company.  It was rumored she was unhappy with only filming one movie during her three years.  Myolie Wu and Stephen Shiu, Jr.’s company both confirmed the news today that she was leaving and clarified the rumors about why she is leaving.  

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It is reported Myolie Wu has a company name set up and already rented an office in Kwun Tong.  In HMV’s statement today, it says, “Myolie Wu and HMV Digital China Group Ltd.’s three year management contract has recently expired.  In the past three years, both parties cooperated happily.  We also want to thank everyone for their support and care.  Regarding Myolie Wu’s contract expiration, Stephen Shiu, Jr., and Myolie Wu issued a statement altogether to respond to the news at once.”

Myolie Wu says, “It was mainly due to my family and my work having new developments, which is why I am not resigning.  The company also supports me.  Actually, the company has always filmed new movies and series, it’s just that it wasn’t suitable for me, so I didn’t accept it.  The company is still my best partner.  We will still have collaborations in the future. “

As for Stephen Shiu, Jr., he says, “Myolie and us have discussed many movie projects, but in the end, both felt “Death Notify” (死亡通知單暗黑者:首部曲「雙雄會」), was more suitable.  That is why there is only one film.  We are actually good friends.  We will both continue to collaborate in the future.”  

Credit: Apple Daily, Myolie Wu IG