Myolie Wu Announces Second Pregnancy

Myolie Wu Announces Second Pregnancy

Congratulations are in order for Myolie Wu(胡杏兒) and her husband, Phil Lee (李乘德), as she announced her pregnancy today. The 39 year old actress already has an adorable one year old son, Brendan. The media had already guessed Myolie Wu was pregnant based on pictures of her from recent events. However, it was only today that Myolie Wu and Phil Lee confirmed the pregnancy with pictures of the baby’s ultrasound. She added the following caption: “The pig baby will finally be added. The Lee Farmhouse can finally open!”

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Myolie Wu also expressed, “I’m very happy to be having a baby in the year of the pig. I can really open a farm now. When I was carrying Brendan last time, I was working. This pregnancy, I am also filming a series. Maybe the baby is a lucky charm for me. It wants to work with me. I will be finished filming at the end of February, so it’s pretty good. However, my morning sickness is a bit more extreme this time. I seldom have an appetite. After I finish filming this series, I should be staying in Hong Kong so I could spend more time with Brendan. I could also do some more relaxed work. Lastly and the most important is that I want my baby to be healthy and safe. Thank you everyone for your well wishes.”

Credit:, Myolie Wu IG, Phil Lee IG