Fiona Sit Gets Too Excited and Falls Down at “Shadow of Justice” Promotional Event

Fiona Sit Chilam Cheung Toby Leung Edmond Leung ViuTV Shadow of Justice

Cast members, Chilam Cheung (張智霖), Fiona Sit (薛凱琪), Toby Leung (梁靖琪), Edmond Leung (梁漢文), and others were in attendance at a promotional event yesterday for ViuTV’s hit web series, “Shadow of Justice” (蝕日風暴).  Fiona Sit shared an unforgettable fight scene that left Toby Leung with bruises on her hand.  Fiona Sit says, “It was actually planned for me to wear a steel watch, but I forgot to take it off.  I kept punching against her hand with the watch.  Then Toby asked me why I wore the watch to fight with her.  I was really sorry.”

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While Fiona Sit continued to share more details, she gets too excited and loses her step, then falls down on the floor.  Luckily, she was in good spirits and didn’t get hurt.  Chilam Cheung jokes, “This is your retribution.”  Fiona joins in on the joke and says, “We need to re-watch the video to see who tripped me.”  As it turns out, Fiona lost her step due to her platform heels.  Fiona Sit also blames Edmond Leung for being bad luck.  He was also present the time she fell down at Wyman Wong’s concert.    

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Watch the epic fall here: 


Edmond Leung also shares, “I primarily have a lot of action scenes in bed.  There is a scene where Charlotte Cheung (張沛樂) is just wrapped in a towel and crawls on bed.  When she got on the bed, her towel became loose.  My first reaction was to close my eyes and leave the scene.”  Chilam Cheung jokingly says Edmond Leung said have lubricated his eyes and that if there is a sequel, he wants to have flirting scenes with him.  Edmond Leung says, “When that time comes, I’ll crawl on your bed half naked!”

Fiona Sit Chilam Cheung Toby Leung Edmond Leung ViuTV Shadow of Justice

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