Chilam Cheung Can’t Compete with Sunny Wang When it Comes to Girls

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New ViuTV web series “Shadow of Justice”《蝕日風暴》stars Hong Kong forever young actor, Chilam Cheung (張智霖), Taiwanese actor, Sunny Wang (王陽明), and Hong Kong artist, Fiona Sit (薛凱琪).  The series which starts airing on the 22nd, filmed in Hong Kong, Budapest, Malaysia, and other locales with a budget of 180 million HKD.

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This is the first time Chilam and Sunny are working together.  Even though Chilam is 11 years older than Sunny, Chilam can still go up against Sunny.    In the series, Sunny plays a bad cop who gets really evil.  However, he has a deep relationship with Fiona.  Sunny reveals, “My character in the beginning starts off righteous and bright, but then due to social circumstances, I become evil, just like a rollercoaster.  It’s really extreme.”

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Chilam plays a righteous and stern cop.  He gets framed and becomes a wanted fugitive.  However, Chilam remains righteous and optimistic throughout the series.  The two main male characters have a love triangle with Fiona, but Chilam already concedes saying, “Sunny Wang is so tall, it’s hard for me to beat him.” 

There are plenty of fight scenes, gun scenes, and action scenes between Chilam and Sunny.  Chilam exclaims it was very hard and that he was envious of good pal, Edmond Leung (梁漢文).  In the series, Edmond plays a womanizer and has a lot of intimate scenes with female co-stars.  

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