Fiona Sit Complained About Chilam Cheung Bullying Her on Set of “Shadow of Justice”

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Stars of the hit ViuTV web series, “Shadow of Justice” (蝕日風暴), Fiona Sit (薛凱琪) and Chilam Cheung (張智霖), recently sat down with Apple Daily for an interview about the series.  Fiona Sit reveals this series had over a hundred chase scenes starting from Hong Kong to Malaysia to Budapest.  She reveals, “The ratings are good, so it is worth the suffering.”  In the series, Fiona Sit suspects Chilam Cheung is the one who killed her fiancé, Sunny Wang (王陽明).  So she travels from Hong Kong to Malaysia then to Budapest to track him down.  

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Fiona Sit reveals, “When we were filming the chase scenes, I wanted to tell Chilam not to run so fast because I was running in heels.  Not only did he not accommodate me, he kept running faster.  However, the results came out good.”  Chilam Cheung says he was chasing (no pun intended) after an authentic feeling.  He reveals, “There was a lot of stress filming the series.  It led me to have hormonal imbalance.  My face grew a lot of pimples.”

Chilam Cheung and Sunny Wang are not Fiona Sit’s Cup of Tea

Chilam Cheung also revealed he saw Fiona Sit curled up in tears in Budapest.  He says, “I saw Fiona crying, thinking to myself it’s not that cold where crying is warranted.  I don’t know if girls are really that fragile.  Later on, I treated her to a bowl of a hot noodle soup.”  During the interview, Chilam Cheung asks Fiona Sit why she was crying that time, she replied, “You only care about me now after so long, especially since it was something personal, I can’t say.”  

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Chilam was a bully.

Fiona Sit points out that over the course of filming, Chilam Cheung kept bullying her.  She jokes, “When Anita (袁詠儀) came to visit the set in Malaysia, she helped me get revenge on Chilam.  Once Anita came to visit, Chilam was all proper.  He never once treated everyone to eat before.  When Anita came, she treated everyone to desserts and drinks.”  Chilam Cheung laughs and says, “She used my card to treat everyone.”

Credit: Apple Daily, Fiona Sit IG