Toby Leung Gets Buried Alive in ViuTV’s “Shadow of Justice”

Toby Leung ViuTV Shadow of Justice

Former TVB actress, Toby Leung (梁靖琪), has met new heights in her career ever  since leaving the station.  Toby’s career in TVB has always been average with second to third tier roles with no real breakthrough.  In “Shadow of Justice” (蝕日風暴), Toby plays a child soldier that was able to leave a large drug ring.  She takes on missions in exchange for money and even has a lot of heavy fight scenes with Fiona Sit (薛凱琪).  Even though Toby Leung’s father, Tommy Leung, is a producer for the series, she didn’t receive any special treatment.  In fact, Toby Leung had to do the ultimate sacrifice and suffered getting buried alive.

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Toby Leung recalls the day of filming the scene and says, “I remember the weather that day was really bad and the mud was wet, I was really scared.  I keep thinking there would be a lot of worms crawling around in the mud.  For two days, I had to repeatedly fall into a hole and get buried alive.  After we were done filming, even my underwear was wet.”

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Toby Leung ViuTV Shadow of Justice

Recalling the moment she was buried by the mud, Toby Leung says, “It was like experiencing death.  Being buried alive is actually very scary because my head also had to be buried with mud.  I couldn’t see anything at that moment and it was hard to breathe.  It was really scary!” 

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After filming completed, Toby Leung recalls, “When I got up, a few of the workers had to pull me up.  Because I couldn’t immediately wipe my eyes, I had to use water first to cleanse my face.  I immediately went to rinse off, but even after washing my hair three times, my hair still had sand.  I clean my ears everyday, but I still had sand in there for a week.”  

Toby Leung ViuTV Shadow of Justice

Catch “Shadow of Justice” on ViuTV to see the sacrifices Toby Leung made for this scene! 


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