“PhantaCity” Trailer for Faye Wong and Zhou Xun’s Reunion is Out

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Last month, details were revealed about the long anticipated reunion between Chinese pop goddess Faye Wong (王菲) and Chinese actress, Zhou Xun (周迅) on Hunan TV’s, “PhantaCity” (幻乐之城).  This is a reunion everyone has been waiting for over ten years because the two used to be BFFs, then had a falling out over Chinese actor, Li Yapeng (李亞鵬).   It has been reported Faye Wong’s daughter, Leah Dou (竇靖童) was the one that convinced Zhou Xun to be a guest on the show.  Read this post on why the two fell out: Faye Wong and Zhou Xun Finally Reunited on Same Stage for Chinese Variety Show “PhantaCity”

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The trailer for their reunion was released by Hunan TV today.  The introduction starts off with “Faye Wong and Zhou Xun reunited on stage.”  Host, He Jiong (何炅) asks, “What situation lead you two to believe this person can be my friend?”  Zhou Xun replies, “It is when I gave her another look in a sea of people.  To this, Faye Wong replies, “We’re always in each other lives.  There is no way to avoid each other when we meet.”  

Their episode airs on Friday, October 5th.  Watch the trailer here: 

Credit: HunanTV Official Youtube Channel

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