Show Luo Wants to Collaborate with Super Junior’s Lee Teuk

Show Luo Super Junior Lee Teuk 2018 Asia Song Festival

Multi-talented Taiwanese artist, Show Luo (羅志祥), was recently in Korea to perform at the annual 2018 Asia Song Festival.  Show Luo had originally started his career as a singer and dancer and is now more known for his comedic skills as a host and emcee.  He performed two songs, “Let Go” (夠了) and “Bounce!” (鬧翻天) and shown no signs of slowing down even at 39 as he was dancing and singing live.  

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After his first performance, one of the emcees asks if this year’s performance was even more special the second time round as Show Luo previously attended the 2009 Asia Song Festival.  Show Luo says, “I am very happy this time, but I am curious as to why I wasn’t invited in these nine years.”  Then Show Luo shows off his Korean and says “No, no” in Korean.

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When asked if there were any Korean artists he wanted to collaborate with, Show Luo mentions, “Super Junior’s Lee Teuk”, who was conveniently also an emcee at the event.  This prompts Lee Teuk to go on stage and show off his Mandarin to say, “Long time no see” to Show Luo.  The two greet each other and then cue Super Junior’s “Sorry, Sorry”, to which the both dance in harmony.  After the dance segment, the two lament about the past and continue to show off their limited knowledge of each other’s language.  

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Watch the interview at 5:10: 

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