Grace Chow Calls Out Show Luo’s Infidelity as Reason for Break Up

Grace Chow Calls Out Show Luo's Infidelity as Reason for Break Up

After weeks of speculation, Grace Chow (周扬青) has admitted to the break up with Show Luo (羅志祥). The break up rumors first started around March 10 when netizens noticed Show Luo and Grace Chow hadn’t interacted with each other since January 23. When asked about it, Show Luo’s manager had the usual response, “We won’t comment on our artist’s personal matters.” Grace Chow also left very cryptic posts since then. Almost two weeks ago, Show Luo was revealed to be partying with a bunch of busty females in Taiwan. Grace Chow wasn’t present, which fueled the break up rumors even more.

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Grace Chow confirmed the break up in a lengthy post on April 23 detailing their 9 year relationship and the reasons for their break up. She didn’t hold back at all and called out Show Luo for cheating on her throughout the 9 years they were together.

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She starts off the post saying they had broke up for some time already, but didn’t announce it due to the outbreak and didn’t want to take up public resources. She included a lengthy letter and tagged Show Luo. Grace Chow said, “I once asked you ‘In the event we break up one day, what do you think I will do?’ You said, ‘You would definitely write a really long rap to yell at me.’. Grace Chow said she chose to write a letter instead and said this was her last one to him.

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Grace Chow then goes into the reason for the break up was because she saw his cell phone. Show Luo had once told her that the most important thing between two people is mutual trust and looking at each other’s cell phones would break that trust. He didn’t like it. Grace Chow said, “I was considered pretty good and listened to you say this for 9 years. I never once looked at your cell phone all these years, but this one time because of some reason, I saw it and it’s a good thing that I did see it.”

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She continues saying, “If I didn’t see it, I wouldn’t have even known you have another cell phone solely used to chat with girls. It turns out pretty much each day that I’m not there you would have girls come to your home. Each city that you go to, you have girls that you can meet up with at the hotel. You even had improper male-female relationships with the female artist under your company that you once introduced to me and even your make up artist. Also you and your boys, the lack of respect you have for the women you guys call out to come and play. What’s even worse is when you guys often hold these ‘multiplayer exercises’ that normal people can’t even imagine…All these things happened during the 9 years that I deeply loved you.”

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Grace Chow then says she was foolish for letting him get away the first time she caught him cheating. She said, “I was moved every time you made your promises and expressed your regrets. I forgave you for each betrayal, but I still had expectations, I felt I was the only one who understood you, could accompany you, change you.” Grace Chow then shifts gears and says she does think Show Luo had loved her before because he had turned down work to spend a very special holiday with her. She also said Show Luo would never reveal any of his girlfriends, but was willing to introduce her to the public. She mentioned he did a lot of romantic things for her and would talk on the phone each day.

Near the end, Grace Chow questions how Show Luo had the time to cheat on her. She explained they would talk to each other on the phone until 3-4 in the morning everyday. She said, “Could it be that you don’t even sleep for the sake of hooking up?! If we had broke up because of personality differences or you fell in love with someone else, I would definitely turn into what everyone calls the most outstanding ‘ex-girlfriend’. I wouldn’t say anything if we broke up. I would say we are still good friends. But I’m sorry, this time, it’s too special. It’s because I know right now and in the future, there will be a lot of girls that you will be cheating with at the same time. They might be as naive and think they (except me) are your only one. Ladies, please don’t be so confident to think you can be the person that can change him because there are some people who are naturally born scum. (He is really x 100 scum!!!).”

Grace Chow ends her letter thanking Show Luo for the 9 years together and that she was happy for most of the time. She doesn’t regret anything and says Show Luo “made her become even better. Because I loved you, I grew up, matured, and became even more independent. If you ask me if I’m sad, I am not because you are not worth it at all!”

Show Luo responded back to Grace Chow’s letter with a simple post saying, “There are probably a lot of people waiting to see how I would respond, but I just want to say whether the experiences two people go through are happy or had its ups or downs, it doesn’t matter. In the 9 years, we broke up and reunited many times. What I did wrong, I will also reflect. Many things can’t just be explained clearly in a few words, nor will I continue to explain. Thankful for knowing each other and loving each other during this time. I don’t regret either @周扬青.”

It’s true what they say that “hell has no fury like a woman scorned.” The timing is also very uncanny just when Show Luo is completing his day 14 day quarantine before he can record for “CHUANG 2020” or “Produce Camp 2020”.

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