Show Luo’s Rumored Side Chick, Linda “Butterfly-jiejie” Chien, Apologizes to Grace Chow + Prior Signs Hinting at Their DL Relationship

Show Luo's Rumored Side Chick, Linda "Butterfly-jiejie" Chien, Apologizes to Grace Chow + Prior Signs Hinting at Their DL Relationship

For anyone who was cheated on, this is how you get revenge. On April 23, his ex-girlfriend, Grace Chow (周揚青), made a very public statement about the reason for her break up with Show Luo (羅志祥) was due to his cheating and his extracurricular activities involving women. Since then, Show Luo has issued two statements with the second one being a public apology to Grace Chow and all the other women he disrespected. Grace Chow also continued stepping on the gas pedal and decided to expose the female artist Show Luo had “improper male-female relations with”. It turned out to be his “100% Entertainment” co-host and artist under his company, Linda Chien (簡愷樂), also known as “Butterly jiejie” (蝴蝶姐姐).

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All this transpired within 24 hours of Grace Chow’s huge exposé. Linda Chien remained silent until a few minutes away from midnight on April 25. She said: “I must sincerely say sorry to Ms. Grace Chow right here. Also to say sorry to everyone who loves me @gracechowwwww“. This seems to be an indirect admission of guilt on Linda Chien’s part.

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Prior to Linda Chien’s apology, a netizen had left a comment defending Linda Chien, saying she must’ve really loved Show Luo to be his side chick and that she was probably cheated as well. Grace Chow just kept dropping words of wisdom and said, “No, she also has a boyfriend.” In another response to a netizen saying Show Luo should only be sorry to her, Grace Chow said, “Honestly speaking, both male and female are wrong, but they’re women after all and there’s a very good chance they were coaxed by the male. In the end, they found out how they were being talked about by the male, so they must be very upset. So leave them some face, after all they need to get married. But you know me and you still act innocent outside and even be hook up buddies, watch me not leave any mercy.”

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Grace Chow questioned how Show Luo had time to cheat on her when they were on the phone until 3-4 in the morning every night. This might explain why…Show Luo showing his stamina with his “hip exercises”.

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It seems there were already signs in the past of Show Luo and Linda Chien having more than just a work relationship. In 2016, Linda Chien and her father went on a variety show and he was asked if Show Luo and his daughter were together. He just responded, “I’ve seen Show Luo go to my home for many days.”

At an event in 2018, Linda Chien had revealed that there would be male celebrities who would show they really like her and that Show Luo would appear jealous for the effects of the show. She then lets out a Freudian slip and said, “My boyfriend would then tell me to do my job properly.” This prompts a lot of woos and wahs from the people present. After realizing her mistake, she quickly corrects herself and says, “No, it’s my boss (Show Luo), who wants me to do my job properly.” and explains that she spoke too fast, leading to a mistake.

On a recent episode of Dee Hsu and Kevin Tsai’s show, “Hua Hua Wan Wu 2”, Linda Chien showed a bunch of designer bags, “that were gifted by my boss, Xiao Zhu-ge (Show Luo’s nickname is Xiao Zhu). When it’s my birthday, he would gift me presents. Thank you, boss. I will work hard, jia you!”

Kevin Tsai then says, “Show Luo gifts her a bag every year.” Linda Chien responds, “It’s a birthday present. My boss gifted it to me.” Kevin Tsai also mentioned Linda Chien’s and Show Luo’s rumors and asked Dee Hsu, “How long do you think Linda Chien and Show Luo have been together?” Linda Chien immediately stood up and said, “Those are all fake!”. Kevin Tsai then asks her if she has ever fantasized about being with him, which Linda Chien says, “In the past I have, when I was really young. Later I realized that men need to take the initiative.”

According to a tip Sina Entertainment received, Show Luo and Grace Chow were preparing to get married. They had already bought their new marriage abode and prepared it for their new life together. It’s reported Grace Chow discovered something on Show Luo’s phone in January, which led to their break up. As for his public apology to Grace Chow and to the other women he hurt, it’s rumored Show Luo had already apologized to her in private. However, he had begged her not to reveal anymore incriminating evidence she had in consideration of the health of Show Luo’s family members. Grace Chow reportedly demanded him to publicly apologize to her and the women he hurt in exchange for her to not go further.

When people accused Grace Chow of trying to sabotage Show Luo’s career, she clapped back and said, “If I really wanted to, I definitely wouldn’t have just gone this far.” She also explained that she decided to expose him due to his “lost morals” and “corrupt behavior” so that more innocent girls wouldn’t get hurt. Grace Chow also said had she known about this side of him back when he was pursuing her, she definitely wouldn’t have dated him.

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