Joey Chua’s Company Denies Rumors She is Quitting “Youth With You 2020” Because She Couldn’t “Hack It”

Joey Chua's Company Denies Rumors She is Quitting Youth With You 2020 Because She Couldn't Hack It

Earlier in April, rumors were circulating that number one trainee, Esther Yu, was quitting the show was because she had already signed up for another variety show. Her studio refuted the rumors saying her dream is still in tact. This week’s “quitting rumor” was targeted on Malaysian trainee, Joey Chua (蔡卓宜).

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Someone started a rumor that Joey Chua was quitting the show for two reasons. They claimed: “1) Joey Chua can’t keep up with the pace and is afraid of dragging down her team mates. 2) The pace of recording is getting faster and the intensity is getting stronger. Her body can’t take it.” This rumor also stated first round eliminated trainee, Aurora, would be coming back through the resurrection match.

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Sina Entertainment reached out to Joey Chua’s management company, Mannequin Entertainment, for a response, and they denied the rumors. They stated Joey Chua “never initiated the process to withdraw nor were there any situations of her being withdrawn from the show.” They also said they will investigate on how the rumor came about. The company also emphasized Joey Chua is currently working hard and putting efforts into training.

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It wouldn’t make sense for Joey Chua to quit now. Despite not being the most talented or getting a high grade from the mentors’ evaluations, Joey Chua has always ranked high from netizens voting. She has managed to stay in the top 20 after the first elimination only left 60 trainees remaining.

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  1. I like her and she tries but damn she got more votes than those who can sing and dance so that sucks for the others. It’s all about looks and popularity

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