“Youth With You 2020” Trainee, Duan Xiaowei, Blasted for Passing Off Nana Komatsu’s Picture as Herself

"Youth With You 2020" Trainee Blasted for Passing Off Nana Komatsu's Picture as Herself

The second season of iQiyi’s girl idol trainee show, “Youth With You 2020” (青春有你2) is underway and is rumored to air on February 20. The production team has been frequently sharing the pictures and biographies of the 109 trainees.

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However, netizens always like to dig up old Weibo posts of the trainees and see what dirt they can bring up. It was the case for trainee, Duan Xiaowei (段小薇), who got blasted when netizens revealed she had posted a picture of Japanese actress, Nana Komatsu, and passed it off as herself.

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A netizen dug up an old post of Duan Xiaowei’s from August 11, 2019 that included a collage of pictures. However, it was quickly pointed out that the center picture is actually of Japanese actress and model, Nana Komatsu, but photoshopped with Duan Xiaowei’s moles, making it seem like she was passing off the pictures as her own.

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Caption on left picture: “Picture Duan Xiaowei posted”
Caption on right picture: “Original picture of Nana Komatsu”

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Duan Xiaowei had already left a comment on the same day she posted the pictures and explained, “Pictures are photoshopped by my manager. Praise her, praise her. The best manager in the world! Love her!” Unfortunately, netizens left unkind comments on that post with one person saying, “I’m impressed. People casually mention you look like Nana Komatsu and you really think you look like her??? Directly photoshopped her picture as yourself. I am stunned.”, “Still not taking down the photos, what are you thinking?”. “Congratulations on gaining another hater before you even debuted.”

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Duan Xiaowei

Credit: ETtoday, Weibo (1, 2, 3), Youth With You IG, Nana Komatsu IG

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