Wu Zun Celebrates 24th Anniversary with His Wife

Wu Zun Celebrates 24th Anniversary with His Wife

Wu Zun’s (吳尊) love story with his wife is truly a fairytale. They met each other in 1996 when Wu Zun was 16 years old. She was his first love. His wife was by his side throughout the important events in his life, like when his mother passed away, going to Melbourne for school, and becoming an international superstar.

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When Taiwanese media first reported Wu Zun was already married and had a child in 2010, he denied it. It wasn’t until 2013 when he announced he was married to his first love with a daughter, NeiNei, and also the birth of his son, Max. It turns out they got married in 2009. Wu Zun once revealed he didn’t want to reveal his relationship because his wife didn’t want to attract attention to herself due to his popularity. She also didn’t know how to face the workings of the entertainment industry. Hence, why they kept their relationship a secret from the world.

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On February 1, Wu Zun posted three pictures on Weibo celebrating his 24th anniversary with his wife. He wrote: “24 years ago on this day, it changed my life, enriched my life. With you, I am happy.”

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Fans also urged Wu Zun and his wife to have a wedding. Wu Zun replied back to his fans, “Who would want to see us have a wedding?” A fan responded, “Give the woman who spent half her lifetime with you a happy wedding!”.

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