“Legal Mavericks 2” Halts Filming as Main Cast Take Sick Leave

"Legal Mavericks 2" Halts Filming as Main Cast Take Sick Leave

The main cast of TVB’s “Legal Mavericks 2” (踩過界II), suddenly took sick leave on February 1, leading to filming coming to a halt. A behind the scenes worker revealed a lot of the cast members often have to work until the morning and usually don’t have enough rest. In addition, staff members don’t have enough awareness in protecting themselves from the virus. There are rumors that this has led the main cast members such as Vincent Wong, Owen Cheung, Sisley Choi, Kelly Cheung, and Jessica Kan to all take a sick day on the same day.

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In regards to the sudden suspension of filming, producer, Lam Chi-wah, admitted they stopped filming for a day. However, he denied it was due to the production team not having sufficient prevention measures against the coronavirus that led to the cast taking a sick day. He expressed, “There is definitely no such thing. The safety measures taken against the virus on my series is the best out of all series. I also went to the set to supervise and do whatever was needed. Today’s suspension is actually because Owen Cheung and Sisley Choi were previously filming at the mountain top and got sick after being blown by the big gusts of wind, Kelly Cheung too. That’s why we decided to stop filming today. It’s just to let them rest.”

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As for Vincent Wong, Lam Chi-wah admits his working hours are longer. From filming prior to the new year to now, there are scenes to be filmed on set. So his throat isn’t feeling too good. So the day off is to allow each cast member to recharge. The team will not be filming on February 2nd either. They will decide on February 3 whether to continue to suspend filming.

Kelly Cheung responded to the media today and said, “A few days ago, I filmed a rain scene and got a little bit of a cold, but I originally had today off anyways, so I stayed home to rest.”

Credit: Apple Daily HK, Kelly Cheung IG