Asian Male Celebrities with Brows on Fleek

Asian Male Celebrities with Brows on Fleek

There is a saying that if the eyes are the windows to the soul, then the eyebrows are the curtains that frame these windows. This is one of those BuzzFeed type lists showing Asian men who have their brow game on. From a poll of one (me), here are the top Asian male celebrities, in no particular order, with brows on fleek.

1. Zhu Yilong

The 32 year old actor rose to fame in 2018 for “Guardian” and continued with success as the second male lead in 2019’s “The Story of Minglan”.

2. Song Weilong

The 1999 born model turned actor is rapidly becoming the breakout male star of 2020 thanks to his role as “Yuan Song” in the series “Find Yourself”, starring Victoria Song.

3. Yang Yang

Need I say more?

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4. Xu Kai

Xu Kai became popular after the 2018 hit series, “Story of Yanxi Palace”. He has continuously released costume dramas. His mischievous and rich playboy character in “Arensal Military Academy” earned him another sizable fan following.

5. Vengo Gao

Another model turned actor with ethnically ambiguous good looks. He is 100% Han Chinese according to Baidu. He is currently starring in “Eternal Love of Dream” as “Donghua Dijun” alongside Dilraba.

6. Hu Yitian

Hu Yitian got popular starring alongside Shen Yue in “A Love So Beautiful”. He played a supporting role in 2019’s “Go Go Squid”. His first costume series, “Handsome Siblings”, is currently airing on Netflix.

Hu Yitian Reveals His Struggles Filming “Handsome Siblings”

7. Vin Zhang Binbin

Vin Zhang is probably the most used male artist from Jaywalk Studio. He recently just wrapped up filming a time traveling series with actress, Jing Tian.

8. Kris Wu

No explanation needed

9. Huang Junjie

Huang Junjie is an up and coming actor. He plays “Bai Zhen” in “Eternal Love of Dream” and stars in the drama, “Dr. Cutie”.

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10. Leo Luo

Leo Luo started out as a singer and later rose to prominence as the second male lead in “Ashes of Love”. He will be starring in another male led series with Arthur Chen in “Hao Yi Xing”.

11. Allen Deng

Not much is needed to be said.

12. Push

The Thai actor is getting popular in China in recent years. When he went to China for his fan meeting last summer, he was mistaken for Wang Yibo.

13. Wang Kai

Wang Kai and Zhu Yilong have very similar careers in that it took them a few years to become famous. He is known for acting in “Nirvana in Fire” and “The Disguiser” with Hu Ge.

Honorable mentions:

1. Nadech Kugimaya

The hairy Thai actor does have some thick and dark eyebrows, but could be shaped better. His girlfriend on the other hand, Yaya, has nice brows.

2. Lee Jongsuk

The actor turned model is known for his porcelain skin, deep voice, tall physique and a fan boy of Lee Nayoung. His last series was “Romance is a Bonus Book” before he enlisted in the army.

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