Wu Zun Brought Family to Fahrenheit Reunion

Wu Zun Brought Family to Fahrenheit Reunion

Fans have been waiting for a Fahrenheit (飛輪海) reunion ever since the quartet broke up in 2011. However, in recent years, there have been more chances seeing one half or one third of the members together. Wu Zun seems to be the glue that keeps everyone together. In 2018, Wu Zun (吳尊), Calvin Chen (辰亦儒), and Jiro Wang (汪東城), had a mini reunion. Two years later, the same trio reunited, but with additional guests. Wu Zun brought his wife, and two children, NeiNei and Max, to see Taipei, the place he lived for 6 years while he started his entertainment career. He also took the time to meet up with his former members.

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He posted three reunion pictures with Calvin Chen and Jiro Wang on Weibo with the caption:

“Fahrenheit’s gathering
Jiro Wang just returned to Taipei
Calvin Chen flying the next day…
Aaron Yan gathering through WeChat
Everyone is so busy, busy, busy
Will never forget the days we struggled together for our dreams”

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Calvin Chen and Jiro Wang also posted pictures of their own on Weibo. Calvin Chen’s post read: “Two cuties in addition to these two cuties. I see a real father’s identity in you, Wu Zun, also your family is full of cuteness and love. Congratulations. I will work hard to catch up to you. I am also a child.” He also mentioned Fahrenheit’s slogan, “I have, I want, I can”.

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Jiro Wang’s post read: “Zun Zun, your children are too cute! Hope they will like Uncle’s presents to them. Come play when you have time. It looks like I also have to hurry too, according to order, Calvin Chen, you first. You have! You want! You can! GO! GO! GO!”

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While it seems a four person reunion might be harder given Aaron Yan’s (炎亞綸) previous comments about the group not being friends, he didn’t rule it out completely. Jiro Wang had once said, “Even though everyone is very busy, but hope everyone can still look forward to it.” Calvin Chen had mentioned on a show last year, “Maybe one day, the four of us can be on the same stage.”

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Once netizens saw the pictures, they left comments saying, “When will Fahrenheit be complete? Looking forward to it!”, “Sitting here waiting for you guys to reunite.”, “I suddenly imagined that if years later, Fahrenheit brought their own Little Fahrenheit babies to assemble together.”, “Hope you guys can be in the same picture. Loved you guys for 14 years!”

Credit: ETtoday, Weibo (1, 2, 3)

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