Wu Zun Refutes Rumors He Forced His Wife to Give Birth Earlier So Their Children Could Have the Same Birthdays as Them

Wu Zun Refutes Rumors He Forced His Wife to Give Birth Earlier So Their Children Could Be Born on Their Parents' Birthdays

Netizens are getting quite creative with their rumors nowadays. Wu Zun (吳尊) created a slight uproar when he and his wife revealed they got married in 2004 on their upcoming show, “Before Wedding” (婚前21天). When he revealed his marriage in 2013, he said he got married in 2009, five years later than his actual marriage date. Many fans felt betrayed by him lying all this time. Then someone started rumors about him arranging for his wife, Lin Liyin (林麗吟), to give birth to their two children via C-section for the sole purpose of having them be born on his and her birthdays.

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Wu Zun’s daughter, NeiNei, was born on October 10, which is the same birthday as his. His son, Max, has the same birthday as his mother, October 11. A rumor circulated that Wu Zun purposely arranged for Lin Liyin to have both C-sections earlier to fulfill Nei Nei having his birthday and Max having his wife’s. As a result of pushing for an earlier operation, it led to labor complications during one of the births. There is obviously no evidence to support these claims, but nonetheless some netizens believed it.

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Wu Zun’s studio issued a statement on March 7 refuting these rumors. The post read:

“Recently, there have been false statements circulating on several online platforms such as Wu Zun requiring his wife to give birth on a particular date, Wu Zun requiring his wife to have a C-section earlier than scheduled, Wu Zun’s wife having labor complications, and more. The studio issues the following statement regarding this matter:

The aforementioned remarks are the result of groundless fabrications made by a person out of thin air or malicious distortion of facts, severely deviating from the truth. Wu Zun and his wife have always had mutual respect and love for each other in their lives. Their children were both born healthy at full term under their careful supervision. The spread and dissemination of these rumors have caused great damage and aversely affected the Wu Zun couple.”

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The studio urged the public to stop spreading the rumors and to delete these posts. They reserve the right to pursue legal action against those who continue to spread false information.

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