Rocket Girls 101’s Wu Xuanyi Thanks Vengo Gao for Autographed Picture of “Donghua Dijun”

Rocket Girls 101's Wu Xuanyi Thanks Vengo Gao for Autographed Picture

There is a reason why Vengo Gao (高伟光) is getting so much love after his portrayal as the immortal “Donghua Dijun” in “Eternal Love of Dream” (三生三世枕上书). Back on March 5, Rocket Girls 101 member, Wu Xuanyi (吴宣仪), did a livestream and asked her mother if “Eternal Love of Dream” was good to watch. After jokingly disparaging her daughter, Wu Xuanyi’s mother expressed she wanted “Donghua Dijun’s” autographed picture. Despite her mother’s repeated disses, Wu Xuanyi promised to get his autograph for her.

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Two days later, it was Vengo Gao’s turn to do a livestream. He got word of her request and started signing a picture of “Donghua Dijun” during the stream. Vengo Gao said, “Thank you Auntie for liking it and also thank you everyone for your support.” While he was signing the picture, Vengo Gao said, “My handwriting isn’t that good.” and then stopped because he wasn’t satisfied with the turnout. He proceed to practice on a piece of paper and then signed another picture again and said, “First time signing for a celebrity’s mother.”

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Vengo Gao autographed the picture with “To: Ms Lian”, which was what Wu Xuanyi referred to her mother after being teased by her mother on the livestream.

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Hours later, who would’ve thought Wu Xuanyi already received the autograph! She posted the autographed picture on Weibo with the caption:

“Thank you, Vengo-ge. After receiving the “To” signature, Ms. Lian’s mouth has been opened wide and hans’t been shut since. Ms. Lian, your (formal) daughter didn’t disappoint you, right? With this type of efficiency, hurry and praise your daughter!”

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