Rocket Girls 101’s Wu Xuanyi’s Mother Likes Vengo Gao More Than Her Daughter

Rocket Girls 101's Wu Xuanyi's Mother Likes Vengo Gao More Than Her Daughter

Even though Rocket Girls 101’s Wu Xuanyi (吴宣仪) is idolized by many, she is a big fan girl like all of us. She is often posting references to the latest dramas. When Taiwanese series, “Someday or One Day” was nearing the end and at the height of its popularity, Wu Xuanyi joined in on the bandwagon and changed the background of the header to a picture of the three leads. However, even Wu Xuanyi couldn’t win over her mother when it comes to Vengo Gao (高伟光).

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She was on a live stream recently and asked her mother if “Eternal Love of Dream” was good to watch lately. Her mother responded, “Good to watch.” Wu Xuanyi asked her, “How good is it? Is it as good to watch like me?” To her surprise, her mother responded, “Definitely better to watch than you. What is good looking about you?”

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Wu Xuanyi turns to her mother and says, “Ma, I’m your daughter.” Her mother just lets out a slight chuckle. Wu Xuanyi continues awkwardly streaming and says, “This was broadcasted.” Then her mother asks her, “Can I get an autographed picture?” Wu Xuanyi screams and says, “Ma, I am streaming! What autograph do you want?!”. This doesn’t deter her mother from continuing. She says, “Eternal Love of Dream’s Donghua Dijun’s (played by Vengo Gao) autograph.”

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Wu Xuanyi, who looks dejected, asks her “Why don’t you want my autograph?” Her mother responds, “What am I going to do with yours?” Wu Xuanyi is in disbelief and tells her mother, “Ma, this is a live stream. It seems your voice has been broadcasted.” Her mother responds, “Really? What can we do?” Wu Xuanyi asks, “Can’t you just praise me a bit?” Wu Xuanyi’s mother keeps throwing daggers at her daughter and responds, “Praise what about you?” Feeling helpless, Wu Xuanyi just goes, “Okay, I’ll get the autographed picture”. Her mother says, “Thank you. Are you really getting it?” Wu Xuanyi says, “Yeah, yeah, yeah. I’ll get it for you. My god.”

After confirming Wu Xuanyi is going to get her Vengo Gao’s autograph, her mother compliments her for being very pretty. Wu Xuanyi gave her a very forced “Thank you”. Her mother does one last zinger, “You must thank me. But no one is talking about how pretty you are.” and lets out a chuckle. Wu Xuanyi is shocked and starts calling her mother by her maiden name, “Ms. Lian”, to express her disappointment. At the end, Wu Xuanyi jokingly says, “I shouldn’t have broadcasted this…my mom resents me.”

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