“Eternal Love of Dream” Director Resented Vengo Gao and Dilraba’s Kisses for Being “Too Civilized”

"Eternal Love of Dream" Director Resented Vengo Gao and Dilraba's Kisses for Being "Too Civilized"

The long anticipated series “Eternal Love of Dream” (三生三世枕上书) is almost coming to an end. The changes in “Donghua Dijun’s” feelings for “Fengjiu” has always been a topic of discussion since the series aired. Vengo Gao (高伟光) was interviewed about the changes in his role, “Donghua Dijun”, after reprising it again two years later.

An Introduction to the Men of “Eternal Love of Dream”

“Donghua’s” love for “Fengjiu”

He expressed, “A very powerful immortal will also have weak moments, so he likes to act coquettishly. As for “Donghua”, he doesn’t like to show his emotions. He has lived for a very long time. He has seen many things and been through many major events. So that why’s he seldom shows any emotions and will give people the wrong impression that he lacks any basic facial emotions. But in front of “Fengjiu”, he likes to be chirpy or whisper to her. These are all his wild expressions. Actually, this is really just his way of expressing his love for “Fengjiu”. Performance-wise, I use my body movements and facial expressions, like my eye gaze and different facial movements to develop further.”

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Interesting moments on set

When talking about some of the interesting moments during filming, Wang Xiao (王骁), who portrays “Si Ming”, said it was always full of bloopers on set. He revealed, “The first blooper was with Vengo Gao. He laughed so hard at that time that his hairpiece broke apart.” Vengo Gao defended himself saying, “We are especially close in private. Filming with “Si Ming”, I will often laugh until my hairpiece breaks apart. His acting is too good. Because it’s summer, it was really hot in the shed and I sweat a lot. If I do any small movements, my hairpiece will easily move.”

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Working with Dilraba again

On working with Dilraba (迪丽热巴) again, Vengo Gao expressed, “Dilraba and I have worked together many times, but I feel there is a different type of freshness every time. During the filming process, everyone has great rapport. In fact, there is even more rapport as it progresses. Some impromptu things don’t even need to be mentioned beforehand. We will be in good rhythm to perform it out.”

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Vengo Gao Reveals First Kiss Scene with Dilraba was Most Memorable

Vengo Gao also recounts a time where the director wanted to personally demonstrate a kiss scene. He revealed, “At the time, the director felt our kiss scene was too civilized, too sweet. He probably needed something more wild. The director is someone who is extremely wild inside.”

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  1. Great drama. I’ve been watching more c-dramas than k-dramas lately. Both have great chemistry and it’s why I watched this drama. Gao is a very handsome man. I love him with his natural black hair but in the white, he’s literally living, breathing, art. That title only belonged to my lil prince Yeosang but now I have to share it and declare that Vengo Gao is def art.

  2. I really hope they are together as a couple in real life. Looking forward to more shows of Vengo and Dilmurat together. Makes me so happy to see both of them, be it on screen or off screen.

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