Kenneth Ma and Natalie Tong Clear the Air on Dating and Pregnancy Rumors

Kenneth Ma and Natalie Tong Clear the Air on Dating and Pregnancy Rumors

Kenneth Ma (馬國明) and Natalie Tong’s (唐詩詠) dating rumors have been brewing in recent weeks probably due to the lack of worthy entertainment news. After the latest dating rumors between Kenneth Ma and Natalie Tong were circulating when they were spotted hanging out together, Natalie Tong’s rumored boyfriend, Samuel Chan (陳思銘), had written a cryptic post that led people to think he was talking about the relationship between Natalie Tong, Kenneth Ma, and himself.

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Part of his post read: “Another male lead appeared in her life. Speaking sorrowfully, even though this man is always showing his teeth and smiling foolishly, but it seems he really treats her well.” People immediately thought the person was Kenneth Ma. All sorts of rumors started pointing to Kenneth Ma being the third person in their relationship. There were new tabloid headlines today that said Kenneth Ma was cursing to his friends about Samuel Chan while defending his god-sister, Natalie Tong.

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Kenneth Ma, who is usually in good spirits and doesn’t really comment on rumors, spoke to Oriental Daily News today to clear the air on the rumors once and for all. He expressed, “First of all, I don’t know him nor do I know what relationship he has with Ah Mui (Natalie Tong). The “Fistful of Stances” family always had gatherings and would never ask anyone about their relationships. Ah Mui has never brought this guy out. Our discussions have never included this guy, so why would I curse at him?”

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Kenneth Ma explained he is responding this time because previously there were rumors about him being a third party and also saw the headlines of him getting Natalie Tong pregnant forcing them to admit they were dating. He expressed, “Actually, it’s written so messily now and making people misunderstand like I am the father. I hope the media gives me a break. Don’t spread these kinds of rumors about me anymore. I kept silent about it in the past, thinking, ‘Just let it go!’ and treat it as helping to promote ‘Big White Duel’ (白色強人). But now it’s really getting out of hand. It’s even affecting my integrity. If everyone wants to know how “Zoe” and “Tong Ming” develop, then watch ‘Big White Duel 2’ (白色強人2).”

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He also emphasized that he hopes everyone doesn’t drag him and Samuel Chan into discussions anymore and says he doesn’t know him. He expressed, “Someone had previously said we were having a birthday meal with Edwin Siu (蕭正楠) in two pairs, but actually it was a whole bunch of people that day. After finishing the meal, I still haven’t seen Natalie Tong!”.

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Natalie Tong, who has also been quiet on the rumors, uploaded IG stories stating she rarely read the news anymore and was shocked that it got so out of hand. She urged for people to stop spreading the rumors. She also said her menstrual cycle is very accurate and has a very good Chinese medicine doctor who helps her condition her body, knocking down the pregnancy rumors.

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